You might be a feminist–whether you know it or not

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Are you a feminist unawares?

Is it even possible to be a feminist and not be aware that we are? Yes, unfortunately, it is. Feministic thought is firmly entrenched in our churches, our homes, and society. Many who uphold its beliefs do so unknowingly.

Understanding what a feminist believes and how such beliefs have entrenched themselves in our lives is of utmost important if we are to take a stand against feminism. And take a stand we must as feminism destroys everything in its path.

In order to comprehend just how much feminist thought we’ve unknowingly bought into, we must ask ourselves questions such as these:

Do you believe that…?

desiring to marry and preparing for marriage is idolatry?

marriage and motherhood are oppressive to women?

young ladies ought to choose college over learning the domestic arts?

many have the gift of singleness?

children are optional, are more of a hindrance than they are a gift and that, should you choose to have children, you have the right, perhaps even the obligation, to limit the number of children you have?

modesty shouldn’t be spoken of and women have the right to dress however they want?

women were right in fighting for the right to vote despite the great harm it has wrought on the church, the family, and society?

men aren’t God’s appointed leaders in the home, church, and society?

Do you accept that…?

the Lord allows for female pastors?

there is a huge unfair wage gap between men and women?

there are few real differences between men and women and it’s up to us how we live our lives?

women are more fulfilled serving a boss than they are serving their families?

submission in marriage is meant to be mutual?

instead of using the traditional terms of man, he, him, his, mankind, we ought to distinguish he/she, his/her, man/woman, etc.?

there’s little difference between men being a stay-at-home dad and women being stay-at-home-moms?

abortion is ever an option?

abortion isn’t murder?

trans/sodomy is acceptable to the Lord?

women no longer need to wear headcoverings in corporate worship?


Do you accept that women have a place in the military, police department, or as a firefighter? Perhaps work in construction–or any other field once limited to men?

Do you believe that a woman developing skills in homemaking, organizing, meal preparation, and home management is mind numbing, boring, and a waste of her life? Or perhaps it’s just optional–if she wants to devote herself to such fine, but she certainly doesn’t have to?

All of these beliefs have their genesis in feminism. Feministic thought is firmly and dangerously entrenched into our thoughts, our beliefs, and our daily lives. It’s too late to prevent it but it’s never too late to fight against it.

If not now, when?

Soli Deo Gloria!

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