As I’ve shared before, I was married to an abusive and unfaithful man who left us with nothing. This doesn’t define me but it has had a lasting impact on me and my children. My family and I have had much to overcome, continuing pain, loss, and difficulties to deal with but, through it all, we’re deeply aware of the grace and mercy of our Lord who has blessed us in ways big and small.

If you have the time and inclination, here’s a rundown of our present prayer requests:

1) Pray for the salvation of my children who have not yet repented.
2) Pray for wisdom and further sanctification and usefulness to the Lord for myself and my children who have repented.
3) Pray for our financial situation: Over this past year, we lost (through no fault of our own) over $1,500 a month in income (which plunged us way down below the poverty level), sending us on a downward spiral from which we’ve not yet fully recovered; we’re so much better than we were but I’m still having to inch forward; it’s often so hard.
4) Pray that we might glorify the Lord through our efforts in our Etsy shop and that it might continue to bring in greater and greater income for us.
5) Pray that I might glorify the Lord through my efforts on my blog, on social media, and as I interact with ladies who reach out to me.
6) Some of my oldest children have chosen to believe my abuser’s lies about me leading to long-term and continued estrangement; it’s hard beyond words. I have done all I know how to reach out and try to resolve the problems but I’m continuously rebuffed. Please pray for their reconciliation to the Lord, our reconciliation to one another, and that our family might be able to be well pleasing to the Lord in all we do.
7) As I and my son Tristan are working on starting a channel (separate from one another), him on the intersection of true biblical Christianity and the culture and me on the ravages of feminism and on issues of concern to godly women, please pray that we are faithful to God’s Word and that we might bring God glory and never seek it for ourselves.
8) My family and I are and have been working on ways to bring in more income; please pray that we will be successful and that God might be glorified as we seek to meet all of our needs and be a blessing to others. SDG

Specific needs
-My health has taken a nosedive in some ways and, as I am limited financially, and my health issues are so many and varied, it’s been difficult to do what I probably need to do to resolve or improve the issues. I’m so much weaker than I was just a couple of years ago. My pain levels have greatly increased. I’m trying to do what needs to be done for my family but it’s often truly out of my hands. They are a great blessing to me.
-My son Tristan needs back surgery; this will be his second back surgery in the past four years. Please pray for the success of the surgery and for the doctors to provide wisely the care he needs. Also pray for him to make wise decisions as he moves forward.
-Our house has mildew and we’re trying to eradicate it; I’m highly allergic to it and I’m convinced it is seriously affecting the health of my younger children (in multiple ways); the house we lived in with my husband for the final five years had black mold and various other serious issues; we’ve gone from one thing that can affect our health to another.
-We recently found out that our beloved Polly dog has Cushings (our local Humane society helped us with the vet visit). My heart is crushed.
-We are looking for some den furniture we can afford to replace that which we were gifted with but which is collapsing or has already broken. We’re looking for used pieces but even those have been out of our price range.
-We need to buy some tires, and get some repairs and maintenance done on our SUV; please pray that we will be able to figure out how to cover everything.
-Our city has become more dangerous; we’re hearing gunshots on a regular basis, we hear voices in the woods behind the tracks behind our house at night, and the area around us has turned into a race track most evenings. Please pray the Lord provides us a way out of this city, a place to go, a church to center around, and a place we can afford to rent.
-We need to increase our income and are working on various ways of doing so (pray for our efforts); in the meantime, please pray that the Lord continues to provide for us in whatever ways He sees fit.
-In many ways, it’s just been one thing after another, one loss after another, for so long. We have many needs not listed here, things I cannot even begin to cover. If we’d not had all the setbacks, perhaps things would be different; but it wasn’t the Lord’s plan. But the Lord knows what is best and His ways, no matter how painful or difficult, are always best. Pray for His financial provision for us.
-More than anything, pray that we will be able to glorify the Lord in everything, that our faith will continue to increase, and that we might be well pleasing to Him. Soli Deo Gloria!