Wisdom for the church from a brother now in glory


About 14 years ago, I received the following reply in response to an article that I had written (The Christian Life is Like a Box of Chocolate?) It touched me and I contacted the gentleman and asked permission to quote him. It was graciously granted. We became good friends and eventually he and his wife came to visit our family. He entered glory a few years back. I’m sharing a bit of his wisdom with you.

“Perhaps (judging by the described table conversation) the ladies got what they expected, which would be very sad. But the root problem lies not with the ladies themselves, but with the men of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, who both teach and display the example of faithful living for all the people of God. Generally speaking, when professing Christian men congregate in a manner similar to that Anna describes, they talk is sports, cars, careers, kids in college, etc. Ministry in such gatherings is weak at best and too often farcical. Men who ought to be leading their homes in discipleship have settled for regarding the church as a social club.
Now this abdication by men shouldn’t keep women from being godly, but without God-ordained leadership from husbands and fathers women aren’t rightly instructed in godliness.
We men look to the leaders of the church for our living examples of Christian thought, speech and behavior. Sadly, there is scarcely anything exemplary to be found in todays pulpits– not none, but far too little. We have the Scriptures of course, and the biographies and writings of men of God through church history, but few alive today are instructing us in what and how to read and study.
We need preachers and teachers who so trust God for their livelihoods that they are unafraid to call sin by its name and to instruct, exhort and admonish the faithful, without concern for loss of attendance numbers or income. The “church building fund” should be comprised of Scriptures, not dollars, for the church is made up of God’s children, not of construction materials.”

Sisters, let us pray for such godly men. We need their Bible based leadership. For many decades now, much of what has poured forth from our pulpits and from our homes has been a strange mix of feminism and paganistic self-help and has lead us on the pathways of death.

Whether in the pulpit or at home, we need such men to take a stand for the Truth of God’s Word. We need to hear it boldly proclaimed that when we get away from the Word of God, we get away from God Himself.

May God send us such men. Sisters, pray, for we cannot do this alone. But by God’s grace we can take back our homes and our churches one man, one woman, one family at a time.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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