Two prayer requests

I have many concerns on my heart but I’d like to ask you to specifically pray for two at this time:

If you know me in any way, either online or in person, you will quickly pick up that I am burdened by attacks on the glory of the Lord or on His Word. I believe the Lord expects all believers to be concerned with this but I also believe different believers are more burdened over one thing theologically than another. For me, it is recovering the truths of His Word that have long been assaulted and ignored and His glory. I ache over this.

I raised my children in church, with us studying through the Bible exegetically, watching sermons, and so much more. And they learned. They knew truth. They could answer the tough questions age appropriately.

However…my husband, a faux believer, raised them with endless attacks on the truth of God’s Word and making fun of their faith and mine.

Recently it has become more and more obvious that my younger three simply aren’t believers. Not only that, they are embracing some pretty vile beliefs. This they got from him and his family–unbelievers or false believers, all.

Words cannot begin to convey my heartache.

They’ve recently decided they want to move out. They don’t want to hear truth and, when possible, are in full attack against it.

Again, my heart is breaking…. Please pray for their salvation and for us, me, my middle daughter, and my oldest son who love the Lord and His Word.

Second request… Our lease is up at the end of August. Because of my children moving out, due to the rising danger in our city and neighborhood, a sick house seriously compromising my health (due to my multiple health issues) and our church going more and more liberal, we are searching for a new church to build our lives around.

I am talking to a pastor in SC. A potential move to TN, for various reasons, fell through. I’m also looking at some other possibilities. What we long for is a church which takes the Lord’s Word seriously and is devoted to God’s glory, is anti-feminist (not just in word but also in action), where we can be fed deeply theologically, will be a family that we can love and serve, and so on. We are Reformed Baptist and prefer to find a RB church, if possible, but are open.

We desperately want and need to move but the how of it all looms. Even once we’ve found the where, we are alone in this. I am a separated abused wife with no family. The move will be me and two others: My oldest son, who has long been our default head and provider (by his choice), is facing back surgery in nine days; he’s been out of normal work–at times on workman’s comp and at times on light duty with severely limited hours–for over a year (and this, coupled with many other financial setbacks has caused much devastation in our finances); and my middle daughter, who is such a blessing and works from home as an ESL teacher. I run an Etsy shop. We have no one else on whom to depend.

Once we’ve gotten moved, my son is reemployed, and we can breathe, we should be alright financially; in fact, I believe that minus many of the problems we have faced for the last couple of years, and with fewer people to care for (thus a smaller house and, prayerfully, one that is insulated better), we ought to be able to stabilize.

But for now, we need prayer for this move. I’m struggling as it is to keep up with bills now as we’ve had so many setbacks and are still facing more; at present, I’m not sure how to keep our bills paid, let alone move. At present I’m struggling to even keep enough household supplies and, even at times, with meals. But we do believe this move is, in all ways, for our good and will bring glory to God.

So please pray for my children to be brought to repentance, whatever that takes. And please pray that God provides for our needs over the next couple of months and provides a way for us to move–that He provides a church, a house for us to rent (trailer, whatever), a truck to move in, and the funds for it all. Above all, pray that our Lord is glorified.

I ache, sisters. I’m struggling with sleep problems due to the endless stress we are under, as well as an increase in several of my health issues (I’ve had so many autoimmune flares over the past several months). I’ve had to step back from much of what I’d been doing just to keep going. I trust God completely and will continue to. I trust Him to handle this–the fact remains, though, that I am very physically weak, have many (many) health issues (that I’ve not been able to properly care for over the last few months) and this stress, though I don’t feel worried, is definitely affecting me in a very adverse way.

I trust God. May He be glorified. May His will be accomplished.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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  1. doreen says:

    Praying. What else can I do but pray?

    1. Anna says:

      There’s really nothing that you can do, sister. I greatly appreciate the prayers, friendship, and your encouragement. I’m discussing things with several pastors and/or members of churches. Right now, it’s all research and prayers. Later, I’ve (soon) got to figure out how to raise the funds to move. We simply cannot handle this on our own. Tristan has his surgery a week from tomorrow. Please pray that his surgery goes well and that he doesn’t have any setbacks (as he did last time).