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Hey y’all~

I love this quote by P. Andrew Sandlin; it sums up what I believe about biblical womanhood: “The correct response to radical feminism and egalitarianism is not to “put women in their place” but to exalt them to their biblical place — standing shoulder to shoulder with faithful men, partners in the cultural mandate, “heirs together of the grace of life.””

This…this right here that he laid out…is what I believe, what I stand for, what I strive to teach. If you don’t like that, you won’t appreciate Femina Sola Gratia. But if your desire is to see God exalted through women embracing the biblical standard of womanhood, through wives and mothers and homemakers seeking to honor Him in all they do, and rather than being shrinking violets, standing alongside their husbands in building the Kingdom, then perhaps you will appreciate what I’m attempting here. Here, we’ll study the importance of headcovers, why women’s suffrage wasn’t biblical and the 19th Amendment was wrong, discerning false teachers from doctrinally sound ones, biblical modesty, the dangers of feminism, understanding domestic abuse from a biblical viewpoint, along with frugality, the importance of developing real skills (from cooking and cleaning to changing a tire, patching walls, and other real life~and potentially~money making skills) and more.

I don’t charge any membership fees and nothing on this blog is behind a paywall. I don’t make money off of my efforts. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m biblically separated. I strive to live frugally, from shopping at thrift stores to growing a garden, but sometimes there’s just not enough to go around. I’ve worked hard to move things forward but, in God’s sovereignty, my family and I have had many setbacks. If you have been blessed in some way by my efforts and you desire to help my family in some way, there are multiple ways you can do this…



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Any support you offer will be carefully stewarded to the glory of God. Whether you are able to help a little or a lot or not at all, please lift my family and I up to the throne of grace. If you do decide to help us, please do so only after taking care of your own family and church.

Thank you,


Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. Jaqquie says:

    I have read some of your blog. I am very sorry for what your husband put you through for the alienation of your children, and for so much more that I do not know. I disagree with you theologically on some issues/many in fact and, yet, I am a Christian and a child of God just like you.
    One thing I might mention to you is this: why not be just a little more tolerent of people with different views.
    God is huge and wide and, in reality, beyond our total comprehension. No one gets it 100% right. One day we will know this.
    I understand estrangement and it is the most awful pain in the world aside from death of a loved one … a different kind of pain but equally bad.
    I wish you well Anna. Some women must work to put food on the table. Perhaps this is your way to make ends meet. I don’t know. You say you want for money. The Lord provides, but in reality he doesnot put food on the table. We have to. I am no staunch feminist, but I am not patriarchal either.
    I think it tends to attract men who given the opportunity & who have the inclinationto abuse … will.
    It would be nice to hear from you but I suspect that you will only speak to those who share your views 100%. And that is sad.
    It truly is.
    That’s it. Good luck.

    1. Anna says:

      Not at all. I was raised in the church of Christ, my mother worked for the first several years of my life because she had no choice, she was modern minded in many ways, Democrat, didn’t trust men, and she tried to raise me the same. She wanted a career minded daughter but God has other ideas.
      I believe Scripture is inerrant, infallible, sufficient, and authoritative. It interprets itself. I hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession and much of the Westminster Confession (though I’m not paedobaptist, I am a member of a PCA). My desire is to glorify the Lord in all that I do. This is why I might be perceived as intolerant, should you wish to see it that way. I believe we must stand on the Word and not allow that which God does not allow. I am disabled. I have had pneumonia dozens of times, my immune system is severely suppressed, my lungs damaged, and I have a long long list of physical problems. I work from home via Etsy and writing. Thank you for reaching out. Praying for you. Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Jaqquie says:

    Hi Again, Anna:
    Thank you for you kind prayers.
    Just a thought which you may already have looked into: If you are disabled, could you possibly get government benefits whether you’re children are grown or not? I know it is hard to accept help,but you are doing your best to work on your own (working from home IS work) …
    I will pray for you. You are obviously a resilient,strong woman,but I hope things somehow, some way look up for you.
    He has already given you great strength in dealing with so much.

    1. Thank you. I do receive disability. 🙂

  3. Hi Anna, I’ve just recently come upon your blog after seeing your article on egalitarianism.
    Anyway I used to make a lot of bread by grinding my own grain. I still do some, but my 4 kids are all grown now, so I have too much for my needs. I probably have an extra 50 lbs of organic oat groats. Could you use them?

    1. Yes, we could. That would be amazing.
      Thanks for asking. SDG

    2. Since I’ve not heard back from you, I suppose you gave them to someone else. If they are still available, I am interested. Just let me know. I appreciate that you even thought of us. Have a Merry Christmas, Anna

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