The world does not admire us for our compromise

Sisters, the world doesn’t admire our compromise when we step over the line drawn by God’s Word, embrace sin, and betray our Lord. They aren’t applauding us for failing to obey God and looking and acting like every one around us. No, they are looking at us, laughing, and secretly applauding the fact that we are gullible enough to be so foolish by betraying that which we claim to believe.

We’re supposed to be salt and light but so often, we’re not. Salt purifies and light dispels darkness, that’s what the world needs, and that’s what our Lord has called us to be.

What are we really doing? Usually, sisters, we are making excuses and hiding. You know why? Because we’ve sold out to the world.

We’ve traded the love of the One for the hoped for admiration of the many, and that’s a losing proposition. Jesus offers us life eternal, what do they offer us? The chance to sell out our Lord, our souls, our children, and our freedom.

And we’ve done it. We’ve done it, sisters, for far too long. Many of our mothers did it, too. It’s time for it to stop. Far past time, actually. There is much for us to repent of: feminism, despising our God-given roles, defiance of our husbands, despising motherhood, believing our ways were better than God’s appointed ways, and so much more.

It’s time to repent, yes, absolutely, and to live as if we really are the salt and light God calls us to be.

Let’s start by getting into the Bible and reading it for ourselves. I challenge you, sisters, if you’ve never read the Bible all of the way through, start doing so today. Read three, four, five, or more, chapters a day. You can even listen to it, if that works best. Just read, and as you read make sure it’s getting into your mind and your heart.

If you do not understand the context of a verse or a word, look it up. Consult a good commentary (John Gills’, Charles Spurgeon’s, or Matthew Henry’s are good places to start). Some of these are available free online. You can purchase them for Kindle. Whatever you do, just get a hold of a good one, one ground in the truth of God’s unchanging Word.

And believe Scripture. Believe it for what it says, not what you want it to say. Not believing the Word of God got us where we are today. We distrusted God more than we distrusted society, so we compromised. Or we simply chose to blend in with our culture.

Believe what God’s Word says about submission, believing children are a blessing, love of place. Believe, repent, and obey.

We sinned, sisters. We sinned because we didn’t love God and His Word enough. We didn’t want to be embarrassed more than we didn’t want to dishonor Him. And we didn’t fear God; instead we feared man. God forgive us. Forgive us.

The world needs women who will honor the Lord and show them how to live. Our place as women, the place the Lord appointed to us, makes a difference in the world when we live in obedience to God. The difference starts in our homes but it stretches, impacts, and changes things.

If we are going to take dominion, this is the way.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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