The insidious lies of feminism

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The lies of feminism

The lies of feminism have been around since the Garden of Eden. When Satan asked Eve, “Did God really say?,” she was unable to answer. Instead of replying that, “Yes, this is exactly what God said,” Eve pondered the question and accepted that God might have withheld good from her. Therefore, this was the first lie of feminism.

We’ve been pondering that same question ever since.

Did God really say?

Likely if Satan had revealed himself as he was and demanded her obedience, she would turned and fled from him. So he asked a seemingly innocuous question, “Did God really say that?” Satan’s purpose was to plant seeds of doubt.

A question certainly seems harmless enough. Obviously, no one is demanding that you do or necessarily believe anything. They just want you to think. To challenge your understanding. So Satan challenged Eve’s understanding and his ploy worked. Eve fell for it and he’s been asking us the same question ever since.

Falling for lies

Our problem, sisters, is that when we don’t know God’s Word like we ought, we easily accept lies for truth. Being ignorant of Scripture, we henceforth open ourselves up to the scourge of feminism, humanism, Darwinism, and all else that Satan has unleashed on us.

The lies of feminism are so widespread, so pervasive, so ingrained in our world, homes, churches, and our own thoughts that we don’t see them as lies but as truth. Consequently, when we are challenged with “Did God really say…?,” we very often fall into the trap and cannot discern whether He did or not.

Enticements sell lies

We fall for lies when they are masked over with pretty enticements. The goals of early feminists was to make alcohol illegal, get the vote for women, protect women’s property rights, and so on. Later feminists fought to free women from the burden of housewifery, to help her to find herself, and to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, having shown their true colors, they reveal themselves to be God-haters. Feminism was never about helping anyone; it was always about the hatred of God, attacks on masculinity, and the right to sin with impunity.

Certainly, you’d be hard pressed to make many people see this.

The lies of feminism usually masquerade as truth. Feminists, however, insist they just want to help us to understand, adapt, survive, and even thrive in a world that they assure us hates women.

The lies of feminism might sound something like…

Did God really say that a woman’s place is in the home? Isn’t this old-fashioned?

You have plenty of time. Going to college and establishing a career before you tie your self to a man and babies is the only wise decision.

Men can no longer support their families; therefore, you will need two paychecks to survive.

Your family deserves nice things. It’s selfish of you not to work.

You are indispensable to your work.

You get your value from your work.

Children are a burden.

Having babies will ruin your body.

Children thrive in daycare.

Men prefer capable career women.

You’ll be looked down upon if you don’t have an advanced education.

Children need other adults in their lives. It takes a village.

Being around children their own age is vital to a child’s development.

You do know that patriarchy is abusive, don’t you?

Submission is a two way street in marriage.

Being a homemaker is a type of bondage.

You aren’t living up to your potential if you don’t pursue an education and a career.

A job offers true freedom.

You need to make your own money so you aren’t beholden to a man.

Men and women are equal in every way.

A woman can do everything a man can do.

You can have it all.

A big house, nice car, beautiful furniture, pretty clothes, and great vacations are what life is about.

Boredom is inevitable for homemakers.

Being around your children is not going to be intellectually challenging.

You need adult interaction on a regular basis or you’ll go nuts.

Housework is mind-numbing.

Women have always been treated as second class citizens.

Men have always oppressed women.

Having to cook and clean for a family enslaves you.

Motherhood is overrated.

Marriage is overrated.

Men want to hold you down.

A woman has to be loud, brash, and demanding to get ahead.

Your mother damaged you and you’ll do the same to your children.

You are a sexual being. Live like one.

Monogamy is boring.

What about you, sister, have you heard any of these lies? Moreover, have you fallen for them? We must always rest on the Word of God. He, not society, not ourselves, and certainly not feminists, dictate what is true.

In conclusion, consider this–are you an Eve? What will your answer be when Satan asks you, “Did God really say?”

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Aaron King says:

    That’s a long list of lies. Satan be working overtime. Stay strong in the word ladies and remember, “Yes, God really did say that.”

    1. Anna says:

      Excellent and amen. Soli Deo Gloria!

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