Hard times

How can I prepare for the hard times ahead?

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No matter what may happen in the near or distant future, our nation is facing some mighty hard times and we need to prepare for them. We’ve spent too long not taking God’s Word seriously. What we are seeing now is the result of such disobedience. Wisdom behooves us to prepare so that, no matter what we might face, our families are able to endure.

No matter how hard times are, our families must eat. Ladies if you don’t know how to cook, it is imperative that you learn to do so. Even if you have no interest in cooking, if you have a family then you have a duty to keep them fed. Even if you don’t have a family, you have to eat and you have the body of Christ to serve; certainly someone in your church will need help with meals. Microwave meals won’t cut it. Neither will fast food. The time may come when those things simply are not available. So do whatever it takes to learn to cook while you have the time.

Learn to grow your food and put it by. One day this may be the very thing that keeps you and yours alive. When Mama was little, her cousins from the city came to visit. It was in the midst of the Depression. Folks were struggling in every way. Their cousins were actually doing alright. They had jobs still and maintained the façade of survival. Yet they called my mother’s family their “Poor rich cousins” because Mama’s family had a garden, they raised hogs, cows, and chickens. They were dirt poor but they ate better than those who had more money but had no way to provide their own food. This might one day be true of us, also.

Another thing you can do is learn to sew and to do repairs and alterations. Knees can be patched, buttons resewn, clothes resized, hems lowered or raised, dresses can be repurposed as skirts, skirt and top as a dress, pants as knee shorts, as so on. Worn out towels become hand towels and wash clothes, old sheets can be made anew as curtains or table cloths, and old curtains can be resized or made into valances. My teen daughter taught herself how to make patterns. Put patches on, embroidery something pretty, mix and match. Use your creativity and have fun with it. Besides helping your family, it is a skill (among many others) that you can sell.

When you must shop, do so as inexpensively as possible. Most of my family’s clothing and household items comes from thrift stores. Thrift stores are also an excellent source for fabric and buttons. Don’t just look for clothing styles you like, search for garments made out of linen, wool, silk, or a good grade of cotton. Remake them into baby or children’s clothing, pillows, and many other things. Buy items with interesting buttons and good zipper and reuse them. Second hand towels, curtains, sheets, and throws can also be repurposed into a variety of useful items.

Clean, sort, and organize your belongings. What you do not need, get rid of. Bless someone else with it, toss it if it’s of no use, or sell it and use the funds to purchase things you do need. Practical items will soon be the order of the day. Invest in seeds, medical supplies, food, candles, batteries, flashlights, tools, supplements, canning supplies, and the such.

None of this matters if we are not pleasing to the Lord. We must strive to be godly women pleasing to the Lord. Study Proverbs 31, Titus 2: 3-5, 1 Corinthians 11: 1-16, among other verses addressing women’s duties to the Lord. Take the Lord’s instruction to women seriously. Embrace it. Live it. Teach it to your daughters and other young ladies. This is your calling, this is your duty, and it brings much glory to the Lord.

Embrace beauty. When a culture strays from God music, fashion, arts, and entertainment all suffer. What once was beautiful fades and in its place is the decadent debauchery we see all around us. From clothing and makeup to art and entertainment, our cultural departure from biblical standards couldn’t be more blatant or obvious. Do your part. As a woman strive to look feminine, embrace beauty in your home, learn little ways to bring beauty to your family–from embroidery to displaying wild flowers in an old mason jar and do it all to the glory of the Lord. When darkness is all around, these acts of beauty will not go unnoticed by your family.

Define life biblically. God has a standard; do not seek to go around it. That’s what got us to where we are. Teach your daughters to fulfill womanly roles and to care for their families, God’s people, and neighbors. Train your sons to be masculine men who will rise up when needed to provide for and protect hearth, home, family, God’s people, and community. Believe and revere Scripture and teach your children to fear God.

There’s a reason that feminine beauty once had clearly demarcated lines and masculinity was, well, masculine. Men looked, dressed, and smelled masculine. There was no feminine side that men were expected to embrace because there isn’t a feminine side to men. Men did the hard work of providing and protecting and looked the part while doing so. Women did the hard work of serving the men, children, and the needy and, even when hot and tired, she could never be mistaken for a man. Women didn’t have bright purple hair and black lips because everybody and their Mama and their Daddy knew that just wasn’t attractive. Men didn’t wear effeminate clothing and speak in soft femininized voices. Since we no longer have a biblical understanding of beauty, our culture no longer understands this. Our tradition in America was built upon a biblical foundation. We’ve lost that and it’s up to God’s people to reclaim it.

Another thing you can do is this: If your family lives in the city, try to get out of it. Try to get to a small town or to the country. If possible, move to where a Christ-centered church is located. If not, consider helping to start one. Then set about working on the community. From Christ-centered, Christ-honoring, churches can rise Christ-focused communities.

Sisters, we don’t have the luxury of time. This isn’t the time to do take our time, to delay, relax, or do what we want to do. We must do what needs doing. There’s no doubt that we will be ostracized by some whom we thought we could trust. We will do without. Do your best to prepare and to be a light in the darkness. Follow your husband’s lead. Do your part. Teach your children to do the same. Work hard, trust God, and keep on striving to do all things for His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Avril says:

    Thanks for the post ! One other thing is that search in thrift stores cookbooks that are related to frugal or have easy ingredients to find and unexpensive. When I was 15 in my birthday I ask for a cookbook and I got this one (the others were those cookbook that have fancy ingredients that are hard to find or expensive) well the cookbook was written by a woman who lived through hard times and have good recipes. Also my grandmother use to reuse the fabrics to use it as coffee filter to make coffee ( once I made one with my mom when our moka pot stop working )

    1. That’s a brilliant idea on the filter. I have used paper towels as a coffee filter but I’ve not tried making one. Thank you for that suggestion.
      Yes, excellent idea on searching in thrift stores for good old cookbooks. I have found many that way. I enjoy perusing Depression era and World War 2 era cookbooks especially. They are generally filled with simple recipes that use every day items and written for real women who just want to put nutritious meals on the table. Thank you for the recommendations, sis. 🙂

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