Two Brown Wooden Armchairs Beside Umbrella Near Seashore

Shops that sell modest clothing

The Mainstreet Exchange

Inherit Clothing Company

Rene’s Creations

Sweet Salt Modest Fashion

Slaydon & Rose

Nee See’s Dresses


Lace & Lilac

Cleo Madison

Jessy Kate

Lily Fields Threads

Lilies of the Field



Shabby Apple

Modest Pop

Jen Clothing

Snoga Athletics

The Frock


Apostolic Company

Dainty Jewells

Be Modest Boutique

The Klassy Girl Boutique

inherit clothing company

Blair (This is not a website dedicated to selling modest clothing but it has a good amount of modest options)

The Undressed Life

“Love for the beach and the “Undressed Life” is so deeply embedded in modern American culture that to question its propriety is thought to be the height of legalistic Pharisaism….” ~ Jeff Pollard

“Do bikini bathing suits and Speedos cause our brothers and sisters to stumble? Then we may not wear them. Is there a modest alternative? Then we should choose it. If there is no suitable alternative, then better not to go to the beach at all. Better that than to cause another to stumble. And if we know that there will likely be those at the beach dressed immodestly, then better to stay home than to put ourselves in temptations way.” ~ John Marcus

Shops that sell modest swimwear

Normally, my daughters “put together” a modest swimsuit; there are many options for doing so. If you wish to purchase a swimsuit made with modesty in mind, these are some shops that sell modest swimwear (If you know of others, feel free to pass them on to me for consideration for inclusion).


Dressing for His Glory



Swim Modest!


Swimsuits for All (this shop doesn’t offer swimsuits as modest as some but it does offer some cute modest tops that could be paired with board shorts, bike shorts, etc.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels