Recovering biblical womanhood by recovering a reverence for Scripture

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Until we begin to take the Word of God seriously, we will never recover an understanding of what Scripture teaches about womanhood. Until we recover biblical womanhood, our homes, families, society, and churches will all continue to go downhill. We cannot change or recover that which we don’t understand. Therefore, the question is “What is biblical womanhood?”

Most people are a product of their time. They see through the lens of here and now. What they know is a product of how they were raised, the books and media they consume, the friends and family in their lives, and so on. So the lens we see through is a product of all of this. This includes our theological lens.

Our theological lens has been impacted by the theology and schools of thought from the 1800’s. It was during that decade that Higher Criticism, Darwinism, Feminism, and Women’s Suffrage took such a stronghold in American thought life. All of these have had a strong impact on what we read, think, and believe. Oftimes we are not even aware that such belief systems have impacted our beliefs. We simply believe that which those around us believe and/or that which we have been taught. This leads us to believe many falsehoods and downgraded theology.

Don’t believe it? Simply compare the theology in most churches, even conservative ones, with the theology taught prior to the 1840’s. We are less serious, less studious, have a diminished fear of the Lord, and oft question the straight forward presentation of the Word. Even those we turn to to teach us often believe without question such things as theistic evolution or see through the lens of feminism (just look at the rise in those who defend an expansive role for women in the church).

Please pray, sisters. Our duty to our Lord is to pray and trust Him to act. In order to understand and recover biblical womanhood–which is simply that which is taught in Scripture about women (by comparing Scripture with Scripture and interpreting it by and through itself) and otherwise sound theology, we must avail ourselves of prayer and study of God’s Holy Word. We must let our beliefs be informed only by the Word of God and not by those who aren’t devoted to His truth and His glory.

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