Please consider helping my son Tristan as he prepares for pastoral studies

Readers and friends, please consider helping my son Tristan as he prepares to study under an eldership in a pastoral mentorship to be a pastor. This opportunity is a true blessing from the Lord.

Hey y’all, I’m Anna, also known as AnnaGrace online. Most of y’all know me whether from this blog, or from FB, Gab, and Twitter. Tristan is my oldest son and this fundraiser is for him.

Tristan has an opportunity to move to Kentucky to begin a pastoral mentorship under three Elders in a Reformed church. Tristan has long hoped and prayed for the day that he could pursue studies towards being a pastor. He has spent many years studying on his own through the reading of Scripture, commentaries, solid theological works, catechisms, creeds, listening to sermons, doing online studies, and working under an elder as he had a chance to. The reason he never went to college and seminary is because he was helping me and my younger children.

My husband and Tristan’s father was unfaithful to me and abusive towards us, his family. He destroyed our finances through multiple job losses, three bankruptcies, having our house foreclosed, repetitively taking out title loans and payday loans, and various other means. I don’t say that to be unkind or to dishonor him; it is simply true. My husband moved us sometimes as often as once a year.

Through it all, Tristan stood by me and my younger children and worked to care for us. Many times we wouldn’t have made it without him. Eventually when things got worse, he moved me and my younger children in with him and he’s cared for us for the last several years even as he himself had two back surgeries.

My son is a kind and godly man who wants to serve his Lord and the church. He is devoted to sound doctrine, believes that Scripture is true (including such doctrines as creation, the flood, creation order, and everything else). He has proven his devotion to me and his siblings. Truly he has treated me with honor. This pastoral mentorship under a sound eldership is a true blessing from the Lord.

Because my son spent so much time, money, and effort caring for us, he didn’t get to go to college and seminary. As I have already stated, that didn’t mean he didn’t study or seek to prepare himself as best as he could. He also, in paying for us, meant that he had to deal with the financial duress my husband had me under. I was left with bills, health problems, and a deep financial hole. It is something that I, and Tristan, have long worked to climb out of and establish some stability.

Now the Lord has presented him with the opportunity to move to a small town in Kentucky to begin a three year study under these Reformed elders. For the past seven months, he and the pastor have talked multiple times through texts, over the phone, and over Zoom. A couple of weeks ago, he traveled north and spent the weekend with them. After thoroughly interviewing him individually, they offered him the chance to study under them. I want him to have it. We believe that the Lord has brought him to this opportunity and will provide a way. Because of our belief that the Lord’s hand is in this, Tristan has told them he will come.

2 Timothy 2:15 – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

That’s the purpose of this GoFundMe. I’m trying to raise the funds to help him to get to Kentucky so he can get established.

My daughter and I are still with Tristan; my younger sons are now in college. So we, my daughter and I, will moving with him if the Lord is pleased to provide a way for us to do so.

The funds will be used by Tristan to pay for the expenses related to moving.

Please pray for Tristan, even if you cannot contribute. He has a burden for truth and longs to honor the Lord through all of this. Please consider sharing his fundraiser. He’s hoping to be moved by no later than February 1st, though he hopes for some point in January.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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