Please check out my new podcast, Feminine Fidelity

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Hey sisters, please check out my new podcast, Feminine Fidelity, which is devoted to rediscovering biblical femininity.

It’s heartbreaking to realize just how far we’ve drifted from the pattern for biblical womanhood we find in Scripture. Yet, after over a century and a half of assault by feminists, here we are. Our world hates biblical femininity and the church frequently misunderstands it. We must return to Scripture as the foundation of everything including womanhood, manhood, family, home, and life.

I never saw myself as a podcaster, never really wanted to be one, but I saw a need and prayed about what I could do. I love my Lord, my sisters, and biblical womanhood and because of that I’m going to do my best to make an effort to help recover biblical womanhood. This is part of my effort.

Here’s the link to my introduction podcast and one other.

Introduction to Feminine Fidelity: Recovering biblical womanhood

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