Patriarchal men gonna kill us all–or not

woman holding white paper with smash the pairtarchy

Bad logic

Some men claim to be patriarchal. These men are abusive. Their wives are victims not only of domestic abuse but of the patriarchy. Because they are victims of the patriarchy, all men who are patriarchal must be abusive.

Down with the patriarchy! It’s gonna kill us all!

Bad logic to the core.

Non Sequitur

Do you know what a non sequitur is? The online dictionary defines it thus: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

This argument about patriarchy, so non-skillfully wielded by feminists, is a classic example of a non sequitur.

Another example is: Guns are capable of killing. Some people used guns to kill. All guns are thus dangerous because–duh–guns kill people.


Crazy to think some folks actually don’t think this way (cause you can’t really claim they are thinking–now can you?).

Emotional beings

Y’all do know that God made women to be emotional beings, right? We like to take care of our people. Thus when we think someone has been hurt, we want to step up and help them. So using non-logical arguments designed to appeal to our sense of right and wrong is a great way to get us see things the way others want us to see them.

To play upon our emotions.

Some doesn’t equal all

That guns are dangerous in the hands of some people doesn’t mean that they are dangerous in the hands of everyone. It certainly doesn’t mean that guns should be confiscated or outlawed.

This same kind of faux logic leads to bad thinking about patriarchal men.

It’s truly awful that SOME men abuse SOME women. My husband abused me. My husband held to patriarchal teachings. Wait–scratch that. My husband held to an abusive understanding–a twisting of Scripture–of patriarchal teachings. According to their logic, my husband was a member of the patriarchy and thus just another patriarchal man just chomping at the bits to abuse women.

The truth is that my husband abused Scripture to abuse me. Thus he abused the patriarchal teachings of Scripture to justify his abuse of me. That in no way means my husband was patriarchal. He was, in fact, the opposite of patriarchal.

Truly patriarchal men protect women. God wired it into their natures.

Sympathetic natures

Keep in mind that egalitarians and feminists want to confuse the issues. They like to confuse us because they themselves are so confused. They call evil good and good evil. In both of these cases, with patriarchal men and gun confiscation, they are playing upon our sympathetic nature–you know, the one where you and I long to help those who are victims.

Of the men.

Of the guns.

That’s just plain old bad logic, sisters.

Easily deceived

Folks like this like to take advantage of the fact that women are more easily deceived in order to further deceive women. Some have used it to control and manipulate us in order to get us to think, feel, believe, and act just the way they want us to.

It works, because we do tend to be gullible. Women are, in general, more easily deceived than men are.

If we don’t want to hear that we are more easily deceived, it just goes to show how easily deceived we actually are.

Yeah. I actually said that. And I meant it, too.

So, coming back around to our original argument, they are using the fact that we are easily deceived to deceive us about the nature of men.

God made men to lead. That’s a good thing.

The Lord assigned men to be the heads of the family, the church, and in society. That’s a very good thing because He also made men to be strong, capable, with a deep desire to conquer, defend, protect, and lead. These are all very good things.

Let’s just not forget that, alright sisters?

After all, patriarchal men are good.

Women who want to smash the patriarchy are bad.

Let’s keep our good guys, shall we?

Soli Deo Gloria!

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