Titus 2 womanhood

What are the orders God hath given to us as women?

God uses our faithfulness as His women to fight against the evils of our day. He blesses our efforts as faithful daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and women in the church to push back against encroaching feminism. To be light in an ever darkening world, hearkening those who observe us to look upon the true Light.

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duties of men and women, marriage

Red flag alert: Is he too good to be true?

Before you marry, you have a choice. After you marry, you’ve made your choice. The man you marry is the man you are choosing to lead you, protect and provide for you, to guide you spiritually, and to be a wise and loving father to your children. Never ignore red flags. Be wise biblically. Before you say “I do,” make certain he’s a godly man.

Titus 2 womanhood

A statement on the book on domestic abuse that I co-authored

In 2010, I came across a sermon series on domestic abuse that Reformed Baptist Pastor Jeff Crippen had just posted online. I’d woken up in the wee hours of that morning full of fear and overwhelmed by the pain in my family due to my husband’s cruelty. After listening to the sermons, I contacted Pastor …

Homemaker, Titus 2 womanhood

Mamas, don’t let your daughters grow up to be career women

Genesis 2: 18, “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” The Lord didn’t design us to be career women. From the beginning, a woman’s purpose was to be a helper to a man. Not to be a man herself, nor to be like a man, but to be his helper, his companion, and his wife.

Titus 2 womanhood

Feminism and the creation order

Feminism has proven destructive to women, to families, and homes. Today those who embrace it have their sight set on the church. The end game is to put women in the pulpit and to denigrate the duties of men in the home, church, and society. To this end, they’ve made tremendous headway. God designed women …

Feeding our families, Frugality

Putting food on the table in times of want

Times of want In times of want, people get desperate. Many women cannot cook and seem to take pride in that. It’s nothing to be proud of. Mama didn’t teach me how to cook. I learned through watching her when I was little and later through reading, and by trial and error. I wanted to …

Feeding our families, Frugality

Feeding our family in times of deprivation

Feeding our family in times of deprivation can be so hard. It’s made far harder when we don’t know how to use the limited ingredients we might have on hand. There’s nothing worse as a mama and wife than not knowing how to take care of your family. I’ve faced many times of deprivation through …