Growing into beautiful Titus 2 womanhood

Many Christians have looked at Titus 2 and Proverbs 31, broken the Scriptures down, made a list of skills to be accomplished, and checked them off as they were. Following a list, even one based on Scripture, without the full context of Scripture to bring understanding, makes it easy to become legalistic. We then lose the reason for the purpose of our teaching.

Please consider helping my son Tristan as he prepares for pastoral studies

Readers and friends, please consider helping my son Tristan as he prepares to study under an eldership in a pastoral mentorship to be a pastor. This opportunity is a true blessing from the Lord.

The mothers the world needs today by Kathryn Blackburn Peck

Mothers with courage; mothers who pray,These are the kind the world needs today.Mother who think, who study and plan;Mothers who laugh as much as they can,Having the gift that is better than money–The habit of seeing that some things are funny.Mothers whose faith never wavers or falters;Mothers whose spirits the world never alters;Loving the right and scorning the wrong;Facing the problems of life with a song.Mothers whose bravery transcends their …