May I please ask you for prayer?

My son Tristan is on his way to KY for a pastoral mentorship interview. He’s supposed to meet with the deacons and pastor at 6:30 Eastern. He’s worked, prayed, studied, sought counsel, and done his best to prepare. My daughter, Natasha, and her husband Kevin picked Tristan up this morning. They had a nearly seven hour drive ahead of them. Close to KY, traffic got bad. It slowed to a crawl. Later they ran into a bad wreck and, though they had a good time buffer, this means he is now going to be over an hour late due to traffic. That makes him nervous, first impressions and all. He wants this so much and I desperately want it for him. More than that, though, we both want God’s will to be done. Please keep them all in prayer.

Please also keep us, my family and I, in prayer for our finances. This trip, home expenses, my health supplies, and the fact that Lowe’s has not gotten his schedule right yet (due to a computer glitch) so he’s missed hours that he was supposed to have, promised to have, as a full time employee. His supervisor tells him they are trying to get it all worked out in the system. Please pray they do. It’s been over a month of lost hours here and there and it’s deeply concerning. Financially, though God has blessed us with some help, we are still struggling. If his hours don’t get straightened out for this coming week, we won’t be able to make it.

Lastly, please pray for my healing. I’m so very weak, I’ve been sick with first one thing then another for a year, walking is difficult, and I’m not improving.

May God’s will be done in everything.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

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