Is she a false teacher?

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False teachers hate God

A false teacher doesn’t care about your soul. How could she? She reads the same Bible that you do, if she reads it at all, but she twists it for her own reasons. Perhaps for money, popularity, or simply to muddy the waters, what she does, she does for herself and never for God. Never for you.

I once read where false teachers were described as soul murderers and it seemed an apt description. A teacher who serves to glorify themselves rather than God bring much destruction upon the church, particularly on those who are weak or young in the faith. Being able to identify a false teacher requires discernment. We must pray and study the Word and make absolutely sure that the person we’re about to identify as a false teacher (or simply as dangerous), really is just that.

Jesus and the Apostles

Too many people within the church seem to believe that it’s worse to call out a false teacher than it is to be one. “Be nice” and “don’t cause division” are catch phrases in our day and are often tossed at those who dare to point out deceptive teachers. There’s nothing nice, however, about a teacher who is spreading damnable heresies and leading people astray. They are the ones causing division and we must be wise enough not only to see it but to warn our brethren about it. Jesus and the Apostles certainly thought it wise to call out those who would lead God’s people astray. We’re wise to follow their example.

How do we know who is a false teacher? By knowing the Bible. Identifying false teachers requires a knowledge of God’s Word. Get in Scripture, stay in Scripture, and learn Scripture. We must never lightly call someone a heretic but we also must never waver when we have to.

These are some signs to look for…

False teachers are men pleasers.

They are self-focused

False teachers cause division within the church, casting reproach and scorn upon faithful men of God.

They use biblical words but with non-biblical meanings.

False teachers ignore the weighty issues of the law while focusing on things that are the least edifying or most likely to cause division.

Below you will find names of women who are false or dangerous teachers. Some might be a surprise to you (as I’ve researched, certainly some surprised and saddened me). Each name is linked to an article where you may research her. Some have multiple articles linked. If you find a favorite teacher here, don’t get angry and ask “How dare you accuse her?”; rather, ask yourself why her name is on the list. Read the articles. Do your own research. Compare what you find to Scripture. And pray.

Always pray.

Then be prepared to walk away from those who have walked away from sound teaching.

Soli Deo Gloria!

False and dangerous teachers of women

Jennie Allen

Lisa Bevere

Aimee Byrd, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Christine Caine

Lauren Chandler

Mary Baker Eddy

Rachel Held Evans

Lisa Harper

Elyse Fitzpatrick and here

Jen Hatmaker

Rachel Hollishere, and here

Karen Kingsbury

Anne Graham Lotz and here

Glennon Doyle Melton

Joyce Meyer

Jory Micah and here

Rachel Green Miller

Lottie Moon

Beth Moore and here

Victoria Osteen

Jackie Hill Perry
Karen Swallow Prior

Priscilla Shirer

Colleen Sharp

Lysa TerKurst

Ruth A. Tucker

Ann Voskamp

Sheila Walsh

Ellen G. White

Paula White

Jen Wilken , here, here, and here

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth

Sarah Young

Photo by Joël Super from Pexels

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