Biblical womanhood: A high and holy calling

The church and her people, having sold out to feminism, no longer seem to comprehend biblical womanhood. This has led to the destruction of women’s lives, our homes, our churches, and our society.

The insidious lies of feminism

The lies of feminism are so widespread, so pervasive, so ingrained in our world, homes, churches, and our own thoughts that we don’t see them as lies but as truth. Consequently, when we are challenged with “Did God really say…?,” we very often fall into the trap and cannot discern whether He did or not.

You might be a feminist–whether you know it or not

Are you a feminist unawares? Is it even possible to be a feminist and not be aware that we are? Yes, unfortunately, it is. Feministic thought is firmly entrenched in our churches, our homes, and society. Many who uphold its beliefs do so unknowingly. Understanding what a feminist believes and how such beliefs have entrenched …

Women can make a difference for the future

Women can change the world. Do you doubt that? Look at the impact feminism has had on the world, all the destruction and decay it has brought, simply because women decided they would change the world. Thanks to the feminists who broke on the scene in the 1840’s, the world has been spiraling out of …

Gynocentric interruptions of Scripture?

Gynocentric interruptions Gynocentric interruptions of Scripture–have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, you have now because Aimee Byrd has made sure that you did. What once wasn’t even a thought is now, according to Aimee, an important part of Scripture. And we’ve bought into it. Bought into what, you might ask? Gynocentric interruptions…what …