How an abused wife came to embrace biblical patriarchy

The Bible is a patriarchal book and thus biblical patriarchy–father rule–is a good thing and the way God meant for our world to function. Patriarchy has a bad name among many in the church but not because patriarchy itself is bad; rather, it has a bad name because it has been twisted, maligned, and misunderstood–often, intentionally.

Women’s suffrage, feminism, and the destruction of the family

The sin of women’s suffrage Women’s suffrage was hoisted on the unsuspecting public a little over a hundred years ago. Lacking a firm foundation as to the truth of God’s Word and unable to foresee the dangers that lay ahead, the gullible public were easy swayed by what was promoted as right and fair. When …

The insidious lies of feminism

The lies of feminism are so widespread, so pervasive, so ingrained in our world, homes, churches, and our own thoughts that we don’t see them as lies but as truth. Consequently, when we are challenged with “Did God really say…?,” we very often fall into the trap and cannot discern whether He did or not.

When we fight patriarchy, we are railing against God

Fighting the patriarchy 1 Timothy 6: 6, But godliness with contentment is great gain,  Women have been discontent with the position God appointed them ever since Eve listened to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The screaming just gets louder from time to time. Like sailors of old women follow after the siren’s song of freedom …

Patriarchal men gonna kill us all–or not

Bad logic Some men claim to be patriarchal. These men are abusive. Their wives are victims not only of domestic abuse but of the patriarchy. Because they are victims of the patriarchy, all men who are patriarchal must be abusive. Down with the patriarchy! It’s gonna kill us all! Bad logic to the core. Non …