How does a godly wife serve her husband?

God created women to be a helpmeet, that is a helper suitable to her husband. A helper comes alongside the one he is helping. A helper serves, he does whatever he can to make things work smoothly, to carry out the plans of the one he is serving. This is true for wives, also. Since she is her husband’s helper, she must help him carry out his plans and serve him.

A warning at a friend’s behest

I have a young friend who physically disabled and yet is sound in his faith. Sadly his family are anything but. They care for his physical needs and yet they are biblically illiterate and supportive of false teachers and do not care for his spiritual needs. Life is hard for my friend. He cannot get to a sound church and his family refuses to take him. His comfort is found in God’s Word, listening to sermons, posting truth, and in the fellowship of his brothers and sisters online. Is this perfect? Not even a little. But it is his life. …

Interview on The Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen

Last week, I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by Ericha Van Brimmer and Amy Bruinsma on The Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen podcast on YouTube. It is produced under the umbrella of Take Hold Studios. The Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen is a fairly new podcast but it is an excellent resource for women striving to recover biblical womanhood. You can check out their merch here. Photo by Secret Garden:

A plea for help for my friends Alex and Milagros I have a dear friend named Alex whom I have known for over two years. His struggles are many yet he keeps striving. He acknowledges the pain but never focuses on it. He does what needs doing even when he struggles to do so. He lives with his friend and his friend’s Mom, Milagros. When I met them, they lived in a house with no running water. They were put out of it eventually because the owner wanted the property. Since then, they’ve moved twice. Their fridge is dead. Both Alex and Milagros need medical care and surgery. I …