Women never needed the vote

Women never needed the vote because they were created for so much more. Putting the vote on men, and with that men who have demonstrated responsible maturity, knowledge, and behavior, that enables them to vote wisely, removes a huge burden from women.

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Red flag alert: Is he too good to be true?

Before you marry, you have a choice. After you marry, you’ve made your choice. The man you marry is the man you are choosing to lead you, protect and provide for you, to guide you spiritually, and to be a wise and loving father to your children. Never ignore red flags. Be wise biblically. Before you say “I do,” make certain he’s a godly man.

Women’s suffrage, feminism, and the destruction of the family

The sin of women’s suffrage Women’s suffrage was hoisted on the unsuspecting public a little over a hundred years ago. Lacking a firm foundation as to the truth of God’s Word and unable to foresee the dangers that lay ahead, the gullible public were easy swayed by what was promoted as right and fair. When …

Deceitful hearts and our duties as women

Both men and women ought to put the pursuit of, and preparation for, family above the pursuit of worldly success. While men must plan to be able to provide for a family, they should never put such a pursuit above their purpose as a husband and father. To do so ensures failure in their God-given duties. Just as this is true, it is also true that women must put the pursuit of the preparation to be a wife and a mother ahead of worldly goals and desires.

Biblical womanhood: A high and holy calling

The church and her people, having sold out to feminism, no longer seem to comprehend biblical womanhood. This has led to the destruction of women’s lives, our homes, our churches, and our society.