Do you have warm fuzzies for Jesus?

We seek to serve and to worship this Jesus that we don’t really know in ways that feel right to us. Forgetting that our hearts are wicked, we fail to realize that what we think and what God demands are miles apart. Our filthy rags can never measure up to His holy standards but we offer them anyway. Our spiritual blindness, guided by emotionalism, leads us on a rollercoaster ride where the object of our worship, while claiming to be Christ, actually becomes us.

Praising God with a thankful heart

Are you thankful to the Lord, sister? No matter what is going on, no matter how seemingly good or bad, is your heart thankful for the Lord’s providences? Do you praise Him? I grew up in the church of Christ. One of the songs I learned by heart very early on was Count your blessings. …

Sometimes you gotta set the record straight

I saw something online yesterday that made me want to set the story straight about my repeated request for prayers this Summer. There was a discussion going on about a post I made on FB asking for further prayer concerning our financial distress. Some were telling me to reach out to my church. Others made …

The ugly truth of feminism

The ugly truth is this: Feminism isn’t just out there. It’s in here. In our hearts and minds, our churches, homes, families, clothing choices, and in nearly everything we’ve been taught to believe about duties, society, culture, choices, and life.

Vienna sausage dumplings and a mother’s love

I once read a story of a mother from the Great Depression and how she put a special meal on her table for her family at Thanksgiving. The mother of this particular family was very poor. Her husband had died and things had gotten very bad for her and her children. She had managed to secure some Vienna sausages for her family and she had plans for them for Thanksgiving.

Women never needed the vote

Women never needed the vote because they were created for so much more. Putting the vote on men, and with that men who have demonstrated responsible maturity, knowledge, and behavior, that enables them to vote wisely, removes a huge burden from women.