Answering questions about my prayer needs

I so appreciate those of you who have shown care towards me and my family, who have asked about our prayer needs, and reached out to me with encouragement. God has used you and continues to do so as a balm to my weary spirit. I do need your prayers. I’m not asking for anything …

Women never needed the vote

Women never needed the vote because they were created for so much more. Putting the vote on men, and with that men who have demonstrated responsible maturity, knowledge, and behavior, that enables them to vote wisely, removes a huge burden from women.

Back to the Bible: What if no one else covers?

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions about what to do if you are the only one who covers during worship in your church. Sisters have asked me if they are drawing undue attention to themselves by covering alone. Or if perhaps being the only one who covers might be somehow immodest. The answer …

What are the orders God hath given to us as women?

God uses our faithfulness as His women to fight against the evils of our day. He blesses our efforts as faithful daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and women in the church to push back against encroaching feminism. To be light in an ever darkening world, hearkening those who observe us to look upon the true Light.