My heart is heavy but God is faithful and good

Y’all… I am utterly sad today. My heart is broken. I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is not like me. Please pray that I trust God ever ever more and praise Him always. And if you will, please pray for us… My dog Polly has Cushings. She’s only seven. The vet wants $147 a month for her …

Feminism, women’s suffrage, and the destruction of the home

The goal of feminism is to destroy Christianity and the family and to feminize men and force women to live and work like men. Towards this end it promotes the destruction of home and family, devalues men and children, seeks the destruction of femininity, embraces sexual debauchery of all kinds, and promotes socialism and communism. …

Do you know what feminists stand for?

Do you know what feminists stand for? Do you know that it has not only affected the church but has done so to the point that most Christians are not even aware they have been brainwashed by feminism? If you don’t, you cannot fight against it. Feminism truly is cancer and, like cancer, it must …

How an abused wife came to embrace biblical patriarchy

The Bible is a patriarchal book and thus biblical patriarchy–father rule–is a good thing and the way God meant for our world to function. Patriarchy has a bad name among many in the church but not because patriarchy itself is bad; rather, it has a bad name because it has been twisted, maligned, and misunderstood–often, intentionally.

Are Christian women’s ministries biblical?

In my opinion, most Christian women’s ministries aren’t biblical. I realize this is a highly contentious statement and sets me apart from most folks in the church but it’s not people we are to please; it’s the Lord. And according to His Word, Titus 2 commands older women to teach younger women to love their husbands, their children, and their home. This is what we are to teach women and the opposite of what most Christian women’s ministries teach.

Finding our way back to sanity

Sisters, how should we find our way back to sanity? Obviously, we can no longer do what has so long been done. It’s simply not working any longer. Our autocrats and overlords won’t allow it. Moreover, it’s not getting us anywhere, at least nowhere good. We’re not honoring our Lord or building anything that will last.

Why is the doctrine of headcovers no longer believed?

There’s a reason that most folks do not believe that the doctrine of headcovers that is taught in 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16 is meant to be obeyed by the church in these modern times: hardly anybody is teaching it. This doctrine isn’t taught in seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, most churches, in most homes, or by …

Is the wearing of fabric headcoverings in worship commanded?

The rise of feminism, advent of women’s suffrage, rejection of the wearing of fabric headcoverings in worship, attacks on marriage, family, and children, all–every one–are related and spring from a rejection of God’s Holy Word.