Titus 2: blueprint for being a godly woman

Further, older women are to teach what is good (kalos didaskalos a teacher of that which is noble or honorable) and so train the young women (be actively involved in teaching younger women through word and example) to love their husbands and children (actively teach younger women how to be a lover of their husband and a lover of their children in a Christ-like and unselfishness manner), 

God’s creation order and the practice of head coverings

Head coverings are based in creation order Are head coverings biblical? In 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16, God commands women to cover and men not to, so, yes, head coverings are biblical. The command by our Lord that women cover their heads during a time of corporate worship wasn’t an afterthought. It wasn’t a capricious command by Paul. The command to cover in worship is based in creation order: First Adam was created, then Eve–and because of this–so says Scripture–women are to cover their heads in corporate worship. When we obey this, sisters, we are testifying to creation order and thus …