Recovering biblical womanhood by recovering a reverence for Scripture

Until we begin to take the Word of God seriously, we will never recover an understanding of what Scripture teaches about womanhood. Until we recover biblical womanhood, our homes, families, society, and churches will all continue to go downhill. We cannot change or recover that which we don’t understand. Therefore, the question is “What is biblical womanhood?” Most people are a product of their time. They see through the lens …

What are the best resources on manhood for your sons?

Sound resources for our older sons Proverbs 15: 5, A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent. Are you preparing your older sons to be a godly man who is able to stand for truth no matter what obstacles he faces? As parents, we are required to. Masculinity is under attack. Yet God calls men to be the leaders of our homes, churches, and in …

Do you have warm fuzzies for Jesus?

We seek to serve and to worship this Jesus that we don’t really know in ways that feel right to us. Forgetting that our hearts are wicked, we fail to realize that what we think and what God demands are miles apart. Our filthy rags can never measure up to His holy standards but we offer them anyway. Our spiritual blindness, guided by emotionalism, leads us on a rollercoaster ride where the object of our worship, while claiming to be Christ, actually becomes us.

Teaching children and youth with theologically sound books

Theologically sound books are a must for me. I love reading books that present the truth of God’s Word in a way that honors Him and stays true to the text. We sometimes forget that our children also need theologically sound books or if we know we need them, we might not know where to start or which authors to trust.