How an abused wife came to embrace biblical patriarchy

The Bible is a patriarchal book and thus biblical patriarchy–father rule–is a good thing and the way God meant for our world to function. Patriarchy has a bad name among many in the church but not because patriarchy itself is bad; rather, it has a bad name because it has been twisted, maligned, and misunderstood–often, intentionally.

Vienna sausage dumplings and a mother’s love

I once read a story of a mother from the Great Depression and how she put a special meal on her table for her family at Thanksgiving. The mother of this particular family was very poor. Her husband had died and things had gotten very bad for her and her children. She had managed to secure some Vienna sausages for her family and she had plans for them for Thanksgiving.

Teaching children and youth with theologically sound books

Theologically sound books are a must for me. I love reading books that present the truth of God’s Word in a way that honors Him and stays true to the text. We sometimes forget that our children also need theologically sound books or if we know we need them, we might not know where to start or which authors to trust.

Deceitful hearts and our duties as women

Both men and women ought to put the pursuit of, and preparation for, family above the pursuit of worldly success. While men must plan to be able to provide for a family, they should never put such a pursuit above their purpose as a husband and father. To do so ensures failure in their God-given duties. Just as this is true, it is also true that women must put the pursuit of the preparation to be a wife and a mother ahead of worldly goals and desires.

Children in the kitchen: a throwback article

Children in the kitchen~a look back Mama, do you bring your little ones into your kitchen to let them help you cook? I hope you do. I always did. My mother wouldn’t let me help her to cook and as a result, when I married I could barely cook. I wrote this article for an …

A gift of rocks–and so much more

Several years back, I wrote an article on an old blog which I called Rocks in my windowsill. It was a simple post about the ebb and flow of a mother’s life, a tiny post in the midst of longer, more complex ones that dealt with more theological issues women faced. I liked to write …