How does a godly wife serve her husband?

God created women to be a helpmeet, that is a helper suitable to her husband. A helper comes alongside the one he is helping. A helper serves, he does whatever he can to make things work smoothly, to carry out the plans of the one he is serving. This is true for wives, also. Since she is her husband’s helper, she must help him carry out his plans and serve him.

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Red flag alert: Is he too good to be true?

Before you marry, you have a choice. After you marry, you’ve made your choice. The man you marry is the man you are choosing to lead you, protect and provide for you, to guide you spiritually, and to be a wise and loving father to your children. Never ignore red flags. Be wise biblically. Before you say “I do,” make certain he’s a godly man.

Deceitful hearts and our duties as women

Both men and women ought to put the pursuit of, and preparation for, family above the pursuit of worldly success. While men must plan to be able to provide for a family, they should never put such a pursuit above their purpose as a husband and father. To do so ensures failure in their God-given duties. Just as this is true, it is also true that women must put the pursuit of the preparation to be a wife and a mother ahead of worldly goals and desires.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a cute guy

Look for a man who truly loves God, His Word, and His church. If your man loves the Lord and His Word, if he is obedient to the Lord, he will most assuredly love you. This kind of man will treat you well. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring in funds sufficient in order to provide for you and the children. He’ll want to make you laugh and bring you joy. He’ll tell you the truth about yourself rather than putting you on a pedestal from which you can easily fall.