The Lord redeems a life spent in domestic violence

God redeems domestic violence I have spent much of my life around domestic violence. I was born into it as was my father. I grew up in it, married into it, and I’m still dealing with the consequences of it today. But God… The Lord intervened. He didn’t save me from domestic violence nor from the consequences of it but instead chose to use it in my life. Read what A.W. Pink has to say, “A true recognition of God’s sovereignty will avow God’s perfect right to do with us as He wills. The one who bows to the pleasure …

A look into the life of an abused woman

Become a Patron! The life of an abused woman Psalms 34: 18, The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. The life of an abused woman is one I know too well. My father was abusive as was my husband. I saw what it did to my mother; I know what it did to me and my children. For most of my marriage, I, like many abused women, kept the abuse to myself. I was afraid of my husband, and I feared what would happen should he be confronted. When I finally tried to find …

An estranged mother, yes, but also a Christian one

I am an estranged mother. I ache writing this. Being estranged is not my desire but it is my life. I gave birth to nine wonderful babies. Four of them, now adults, have bought into lies told by my abuser and his family, chosen to believe the worst, and have estranged themselves from me, one only from time to time, the other three as painfully and cruelly as possible.

A biblical look at domestic abuse

Looking at domestic abuse through a biblical lens No matter what our subject, as Christians the Bible must be the lens we look through. This is true on everything from church government to parenting; it’s equally true concerning domestic abuse. Not everything that is called domestic abuse is actually abuse. This is important to note in order to protect those who are actually victims of domestic abuse and to expose all the frauds within the abuse system. Too often when women don’t get their way, men actually step up to lead, or a woman is told “no” by her husband, …

How an abused wife came to embrace biblical patriarchy

The Bible is a patriarchal book and thus biblical patriarchy–father rule–is a good thing and the way God meant for our world to function. Patriarchy has a bad name among many in the church but not because patriarchy itself is bad; rather, it has a bad name because it has been twisted, maligned, and misunderstood–often, intentionally.