Striving to regain a biblical understanding of womanhood

If you care about biblical womanhood, uncovering the lies of feminism that have long colored our understanding of a woman’s purpose, desire to bring back a sound and biblical understanding of patriarchy, please join me on my podcast, Feminine Fidelity.

I cover topics such as modesty, head covers, homemaking, why women’s suffrage was evil, the damage caused by the 19th amendment, how feminism sought to attack Christianity and undermine the family unit as designed by God, and much, much more.

I’m available to guest on podcasts and open to discussing other opportunities to further a biblical understanding of womanhood.

Please consider supporting my efforts by signing up through Patreon to Become a Patron! Your help is important in furthering this work. My first and foremost effort is as a mother and homemaker for my family. My efforts on this blog, the pages I’ve produced on feminism, head covering, women’s suffrage, and multiple others, and the articles I write on these and related topics, as well as recording my podcast episodes, on top of all the research, prayers, and preparation for the work, represents a tremendous amount of time and effort. I desperately need your support, if possible, to keep it going. However, the greatest gift you can offer me is that of prayer that I might glorify my Lord in all I do.

Thank you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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