How health issues sidetracked my podcast and how I’m getting back on track


Hey y’all, about a year and a half ago, I started a podcast for ladies called Feminine Fidelity to cover topics relating to biblical womanhood, homemaking, being a godly wife and mother, and the such.

A few of the episodes were:
It doesn’t matter if he’s a cute guy: What to look for in the man you will marry
What if a woman cannot have a child? Infertility and other issues women face
Cultivating a gentle and quiet spirit
Are headcoverings meant for today?

I put out multiple episodes but by late Summer, something was definitely physically wrong with me. I was losing strength and having problems walking and standing as normal. I was having a good amount of numbness and pain. By Fall, my voice was weak, and I sounded nothing like myself. At times, I could barely talk. By December, I was struggling to walk at all. I went to the doctor multiple times where I was diagnosed with multiple health issues.

Earlier this year, I ended up in the hospital for almost a week with elevated liver enzymes, low sodium levels, low thyroid, high blood pressure, nerve pain in my hips, and high PK levels (meaning my muscles were breaking down).

I’m still having mobility issues but my voice is getting better. I’m nowhere near healthy yet but I’ve made some progress. I’ve started trying to get back to recording episodes for my podcast while also getting back to writing articles for this blog on a more consistent basis.

Both through this blog and on the podcast, my emphasis remains on topics important to wives, mothers, and homemakers. I address the lies of feminism that have destroyed our biblical view of womanhood, discuss issues related to biblical patriarchy, discuss headcoverings, women’s suffrage, taking care of your family in hard times, and more. As a formerly abused wife, I also have written articles addressing domestic abuse.

Sisters, I would love to have you join me. You can subscribe to this blog on the right side of the page. You can subscribe to my podcast through Spotify. If you have ideas for an episode, have a question, or want to make a suggestion, please reach out to me. Please consider sharing your favorite episodes or articles with your friends or on social media. Please leave a five star review for my podcast.

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I know that many of you can’t help financially but you can still be a blessing because the greatest gift you can offer me is that of prayer.

Thank you,


Soli Deo Gloria!

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