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Finding our way back to sanity

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Sisters, how might we find our way back to sanity? Obviously, we can no longer do what has so long been done. It’s simply not working any longer. Even if we wanted to, our autocrats and overlords won’t allow it. Moreover, it’s not getting us anywhere, at least nowhere good. The Lord is increasingly blasphemed and dishonored. We’re not building anything that will last.

It seems to be that the way forward is backwards, that is a return to seeking wisdom and applying it, and to embracing the time-honored ways of doing things. Learning skills. Being productive. Building, shopping, investing, and teaching local. Settling down, marrying, and raising a family for God’s glory.

Being the light and salt that this world so desperately needs.

It’s the lack of doing these things that has led us to the spiritual, mental, financial, and emotional morass we find ourselves in today. We’ve been lost for so long but most didn’t even realize it. Those few voices that have cried out over the last multiple decades have been silenced, smirked at, made fun of, and generally ignored. The sad truth is, many of them were right on the money and most were too blind to see it.

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome. We must once again embrace sanity. The way we’ve lived for so long is impossible to maintain because it simply isn’t real. It’s non-sustainable. No good can ever come from the path we’re on because it is almost all contrary to the Word of God.

So what are we to do? We ought to begin by repenting before Almighty God. His ways are not only the best, they are the only way that honors Him and that do not lead us to destruction.

So where does this leave us? Simple, the way forward is backwards. What do I mean by this? I’m not saying that we give up. I’m not suggesting investing in the fantasy of living a Little House on the Prairie type of life. And I’m not suggesting giving up all modern advantages. We don’t need to be a Reformedish or Evangelicalish vision of the Amish. We do, however, have to do something.

Something right. Something sound and good. What might that be?

Thanks to men who are far better informed than I, as well as to some of the lessons I learned from my family, here’s some ideas I’ve gleaned…

-If we’ve not been obedient to the Lord, repent.
-Put God first in everyway. Prioritize Him, His Word, holiness, and worship.
-Marry young (and if it’s too late for that, simply marry as soon as you can).
-Have babies, lots of babies (if you can’t, invest in the children around you).
-Normalize productive households.
-Focus on family, not on individuals.
-Invest in a local community.
-Invest in your neighbors. Get to know them. Build connections.
-Develop a family business.
-Grow a garden and raise animals.
-Learn to put food by. Can. Freeze. Dehydrate. Build a root cellar.
-Swap, barter, as needed.
-Mend anything that can be mended (clothes, tools, homes).
-Buy and make things that will last.
-Develop and apply skills.
-Normalize getting your hands dirty and working hard.
-Learn to do without.
-Get old recipe books and learn to cook with real ingredients.
-Make do.
-Repurpose food, clothes, etc.
-Read books.
-Play board games.
-Play an instrument (even if it’s a comb).
-Take walks.
-Learn to argue productively (not to be argumentative but to work out issues).
-Learn to converse and listen (an art sadly lost in the age of iPhones).
-Spend time with family and friends.
-Stop craving entertainment.
-Embrace work.
-Do what needs doing.
-Be political (in a biblical sense of taking dominion; the world, after all, is the Lord’s); fight for Christian laws, Christian politicians, Christian morality).
-Stop complaining.
-Think and plan for your children’s children and their children.
-Be intentional.

I’d love your input here, y’all. I’m working on developing some of these ideas into their own articles so watch for those.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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