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From the time I was little, the Lord gave me a love of truth and a love of words. Here they come together. It’s my desire to honor the Lord in all that I do and that includes through my efforts on Femina. Besides working on this blog and interacting with women here and online, I’m planning to expand into a Rumble channel and perhaps, eventually, a podcast, if I can work out all the details. I also have a page for Femina and a group for it on FB; I’ve also started a Titus 2 group on Gab.

All of this takes time, energy, effort, much study, and a whole lot of prayer. I take the warning in the book of James seriously so I don’t take teaching lightly. It’s out of love for my Lord and His Word and a desire to fulfill the duties of Titus 2 that I continue on.

But, sisters, I honestly need your help. I need your prayers, encouragement, and ideas. I want Femina and my other efforts to bring glory to the Lord and to be a blessing to my sisters. If there’s ever anything you want to bring to my attention or suggestions you want to make, or even just have an encouragement to offer, please do so. I love hearing from you. Most just read and nothing more and you are more than welcome to do so (in fact, I love it that you invest a few minutes of your time on my blog).

I do need financial support, though. I hate being so needy. My friend told me I need to repent over the fear of being seen as a taker. It is a legitimate fear of mine. I need help, even financial help, I just hate having to be in this position. But God is good, sovereign, and gracious. The Lord enables me to strive to serve others through my time, prayers, efforts, and even through trying to raise money for those in need. Others strive to serve me through their efforts, friendship, prayers, encouragement, and from time to time, financially.

So why do I need help? I’m separated from my husband due to infidelity and domestic abuse. My husband’s abuse affected all areas of our lives, including financially. By the time we left, we had lived in abject poverty for many years and the abuse and infidelity had been continuous for decades. Coming out of such a situation and starting over from scratch has been hard, taxing, expensive, and fraught with difficulties. We had nothing when we started and have had no family to help us. I had to rent a home, furnish it, repair an old van I’d purchased (which later died), plus purchase the clothing, household, and daily items a family needs (and usually don’t have to try to get in a short amount of time as we have). But life is on-going and as is normal, we make progress and then things go wrong. We move forward, and then unexpectedly things happen over which we have no control and we take several steps backwards. As we are still struggling, these backward moves are difficult.

At present, I am striving to work towards some dental care for me and some of my children, vet care, repairs on our vehicle, and towards other immediate bills (such as power).

I’m still striving to get (or replace) furniture, appliances, clothing, and household items–some of which we’ve not yet been able to afford and others which have failed and need replacing (we started with all used items, many of which were quite worn or old–our freezer, so important to us, is dying, our den furniture is falling apart, our new vehicle, received through a fellow Christian, needs much repair, and so on–but even having had a chance to have them has been such a blessing). If you could pray that we can find some of the things we really need, that would be a blessing to us. God has blessed us with what we’ve had so far and even though there’s things we need, we’re so very blessed.

Please, sisters, especially pray for the salvation and spiritual maturity of my children. Some are repentant, others not. I ache over those who aren’t.

I struggle with several chronic illnesses, a damaged immune system, and my lungs are damaged, my children have struggled with PTSD and some have their own health issues.

This year we have taken many unexpected hits as our van died, my son was injured and had to go on workman’s comp (losing half his income and potentially facing back surgery), among various other things. The Lord is good and has been gracious. Still, this year, despite our best efforts, we are in a near constant battle to survive.

If you have been blessed in some way by my efforts and you desire to help my family in some way or to support my efforts here or in the future, there are multiple ways you can do this. You can do so through…

Patreon By becoming a supporter, you help keep Femina online, give me the ability to expand my efforts through my writing and speaking, and help me in my efforts as a Titus 2 older woman.

PayPal Donations are used as needed for food, household, bills, etc.

Amazon Wish List If you want to send a gift, you can do so through this link where you will find a list of items such as supplements, books, household items, food, that would be a blessing to me.

Amazon recommendations I receive a small commission when you purchase an item through my links.

Reformation Wares and My Wee One My daughter and I run these Etsy shops.

Buy Me a Coffee for incidentals

Any help you give to us will be carefully stewarded to the glory of God. Whether you are able to help a little or a lot or not at all, please lift my family and I up to the throne of grace. If you do decide to help us, please do so only after taking care of your own family and church.

Thank you,

Anna Wood

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. Jaqquie says:

    I have read some of your blog. I am very sorry for what your husband put you through for the alienation of your children, and for so much more that I do not know. I disagree with you theologically on some issues/many in fact and, yet, I am a Christian and a child of God just like you.
    One thing I might mention to you is this: why not be just a little more tolerent of people with different views.
    God is huge and wide and, in reality, beyond our total comprehension. No one gets it 100% right. One day we will know this.
    I understand estrangement and it is the most awful pain in the world aside from death of a loved one … a different kind of pain but equally bad.
    I wish you well Anna. Some women must work to put food on the table. Perhaps this is your way to make ends meet. I don’t know. You say you want for money. The Lord provides, but in reality he doesnot put food on the table. We have to. I am no staunch feminist, but I am not patriarchal either.
    I think it tends to attract men who given the opportunity & who have the inclinationto abuse … will.
    It would be nice to hear from you but I suspect that you will only speak to those who share your views 100%. And that is sad.
    It truly is.
    That’s it. Good luck.

    1. Anna says:

      Not at all. I was raised in the church of Christ, my mother worked for the first several years of my life because she had no choice, she was modern minded in many ways, Democrat, didn’t trust men, and she tried to raise me the same. She wanted a career minded daughter but God has other ideas.
      I believe Scripture is inerrant, infallible, sufficient, and authoritative. It interprets itself. I hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession and much of the Westminster Confession (though I’m not paedobaptist, I am a member of a PCA). My desire is to glorify the Lord in all that I do. This is why I might be perceived as intolerant, should you wish to see it that way. I believe we must stand on the Word and not allow that which God does not allow. I am disabled. I have had pneumonia dozens of times, my immune system is severely suppressed, my lungs damaged, and I have a long long list of physical problems. I work from home via Etsy and writing. Thank you for reaching out. Praying for you. Soli Deo Gloria!

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