Feminists love and embrace perversion


Feminists love perversion

Feminists love perversion. They hate God, His Word, holiness, normalcy, morality, and tradition. They hate femininity, masculinity, and children. This hatred of truth always leads to perversion. There is nothing else that it can lead to.

Feminism, the battle for women’s suffrage, and the passage of the 19th amendment, were all a direct attack on God’s Holy Word. The originators of this were in rebellion against God’s Word. They fought for women to be able to have an equal footing in the home, to make divorce each to come by, for “greater opportunities” for women in society and in the church (including the pastorate).

The result was, by necessity, perversion. They knew this. They embraced this.

Watering down God’s Word

When we water down God’s Word, you get the morass we have today. You cannot water Scripture down and expect to get good from it. It’s simply impossible because God will not be mocked.

God’s standard for truth, for manhood and womanhood, for life, has remained the same since the days of Adam and Eve. It will not change because He doesn’t change.

God called men to be the head of the home, to lead in the church, and in society. He called women to support their husbands, to be keepers of the home, and a mother of children. It is impossible to say these designs, purposes, and roles do not matter or that they can be exchanged.

Embracing destruction

Feminists have done everything they can to destroy God’s Word. It’s been their intention from the beginning. The pervasion we see around us today is a direct result of reducing God’s Word, slicing off a bit here and there, until we erased the biblical foundation upon which we once stood.

For most of church history, the church held a particular and biblical view concerning creation order, manhood, womanhood, family, worship, truth; you can find it in Scripture, in old commentaries, in their books–and it all lined up. If it was truth then, it is now.

Do you battle Feminism in light of the Bible? Or is it the predominate lens through which you view Scripture? Feminism has so invaded our lives that most Christians no longer have a biblical worldview.

The battle against feminism

We can only destroy feminist perversion by getting back to God’s standard (the Bible), stand on truth (teach what the church taught prior to feminism), and apply God’s Word in all areas (including church discipline, modesty, Titus 2: 3-5, etc).

Women and Titus 2

We must reclaim what God said in His Word. By ignoring God’s design for us as women, we have paid a terrible price. We have lost the glorious position God has bestowed upon us. We have bought into feministic perversion.

God’s standard never changes. If you want to battle feminism… read, study, trust, obey God’s Word as it applies to women, embrace your design, marry, learn to care for home and family, teach other women, be modest, submit and obey husband, teach your daughters, pray for godly men who love truth. We must take dominion just as God has said.

Ladies, we are doing our part to take dominion by working in our homes, for our families, loving and obeying our husbands. Burping babies and changing diapers IS the greater work.

We destroy feminism by getting back to God’s standard (the Bible), standing on truth (what the church taught prior to being blinded by feminism), and applying God’s Word in all areas of worship and life (including church discipline, modesty, Titus 2: 3-5, etc).

Regaining truth

If we put our desires and our words above God’s, we are inviting judgement. God requires absolute, undivided, for His glory, obedience from us. When we dumb down His Word, we are in sin. Just look at the perversion of the last 180 years, since feminism gained its stronghold in the West. We wouldn’t live in the perverse society we live in without an attack on God’s Holy Word and the embrace of feminism in all aspects of life.

When we water down God’s Word, you get the morass of perversion we have today because you cannot water it down and expect to get pure fruit. God’s standard for manhood and womanhood has remained the same since the days of Adam and Eve. It will not change because He doesn’t change.

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