Women’s suffrage and the destruction of the home

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Feminism and the destruction of the home

Women’s suffrage led us to feminism. The goal of the women who are responsible for the start of women’s suffrage, and thus feminism was to destroy Christianity, the biblical family, men’s influence in the home, church, and society, and any sense of normalcy in our homes or society. They have greatly achieved this goal.

19th amendment

One of the tools used by feminists to accomplish this was women’s suffrage which eventually led to the 19th amendment, gave women the vote, and helped to destroy the home through the means of liberalism.

When the call for equal rights for women came, many in the church jumped on the bandwagon. Few were the husbands, fathers, or pastors who would risk disfavor or being labeled domineering, old-fashioned, or judgmental to take a biblical stand. “Times have changed,” we were told as if that were enough reason for disobeying God.

The women’s liberation movement wasn’t started or backed by true Christians but by evil women who were discontent with the sphere given to them by the Lord. The 19th amendment was conceived and set forth by women who were discontent with the purpose and design given to them by our Creator.

Women, especially single women, tend to vote for more liberal causes than men do. In giving women the vote, we gave women a sphere never intended by God for them and we reaped entirely foreseeable troubles.

The destruction of normalcy

If the church in the 1800’s hadn’t capitulated to women’s suffrage, feminism as we know it wouldn’t exist. Women’s suffrage opened the door to the wave-on-wave-on-wave of endless attacks on the biblical family that has left us where we are today: dying in the dregs of a society who hates God, biblical femininity, the family, and any and all that is good, holy, or traditional.

Feminism’s lies have wormed their way into every area of our lives, our homes, churches, and society. It’s poison has spread throughout our Western world seeking to destroy all vestiges of holiness and normalcy.

The evil of feminism

Feminism is evil yet it is blindly but firmly entrenched in our churches, our homes, and society. It came in bit by bit as we endlessly moved the goal and erased all biblical lines and demands.

Many who uphold feminism do so unknowingly. It’s been the lens we look through for so long that most of us have no clue what life was like before. These God-hating devotees have besmirched women who devot000ed their lives to their families. Such women have long been successfully portrayed as fools and simpletons who are enslaved by the selfish patriarchy.

Timid men

“Indeed, as De Tocqueville predicted, innovations in the direction of extensions of suffrage will always be successful in America, because of the selfish timidity of her public men.” ~ Robert L. Dabney

Under the guise of pursuing ever-nebulous, ever-changing, and non-biblical “equality” whether in granting women the right to vote, or embracing sinful designs and practices in the name of feminism, our churches capitulated and women, eschewing biblical womanhood, left their homes and families, and barged into the workplace to compete with men (leaving men unable to provide a living wage for their families).

When women left home

In the wake of women’s departure from their homes, husbands and children were left to fend on their own. The divine call of biblical womanhood, wifely duties, and motherhood was replaced by what we have now: the woman-driven-women-focused me-culture that flies in the face of God and endlessly demands more.

Women who cast off the supposed enslaving chains of the patriarchy are now willingly enslaved by bosses, corporations, and the workaday world. They are now truly in bondage but most cannot see it.


Marriage is delayed or eschewed, babies are cast off into the care of the government or murdered in the womb, and men and husbands are disregarded and portrayed as fools. In the aftermath of the near destruction of the biblical home, without the gentle and loving care of a wife or mother, husbands and children languish.

The average modern woman is now loud, boastful, lewd, immodest, and full of self-interest. Among other evils, feminism stands firmly for the right of a woman to put herself above all others, sleep around rather than marrying, and for her so-called right to kill her child in the womb; what it fails to tell these women is that they themselves are also being destroyed.

It’s too late to prevent Christians from selling out to women’s suffrage and feminism but it’s not too late to fight against it. This can only be done by churches who repent of failing to believe and obey Scripture as their authority, husbands who repent of failing to lead as God has commanded, and women who repent of failing to submit to and obey their husbands in a biblical fashion.

Sisters, if we have been guilty of believing feminism’s lies, it is we who must repent. We must believe and teach truth to our younger sisters concerning the beauty of our duties. There’s much work to do and no time to waste. May the Lord be glorified by our efforts.


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