Feminism has corrupted everything beautiful about femininity

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Both outwardly and inwardly, feminism has corrupted everything beautiful about femininity. The average modern woman has swallowed the lies of feminism hook, line, and sinker. Consequently, she is loud, demanding, boastful, and driven with self-interest. Such women have overwhelmingly thrown off the supposed chains of patriarchy and are now willingly enslaved by bosses, corporations, and the workaday world.

The women’s liberation movement was birthed in the minds of evil women who were discontent with their femininity and the sphere given to them by the Lord. The early suffragettes and later feminists lied, misled, and confused younger women into eschewing their God-designed femininity and God-appointed marriage and family. They were led to look down on men, besmirch homemaking as slavery, despise children, and seek the position given to men–that of leadership in the home, church, and society.

When the call for equal rights for women came, many in the church jumped on the bandwagon. Few were the husbands, fathers, or pastors who would risk disfavor or being labeled domineering, old-fashioned, or judgmental to take a biblical stand. “Times have changed,” we were told as if that were enough reason for disobeying God.

Though feminism first raised its head in the Garden of Eden, the word feminism wasn’t invented until much later. It was coined in 1837 by Charles Fourier, a utopian socialist. The name feminism didn’t come into common use until around 1910.

Feminism strikes at the root of God’s created order and is out and out rebellion against God, His created order, His institution of marriage, His decree that we marry and have children whom we raise to serve Him. It seeks to destroy biblical femininity and masculinity.

The feministic position that “Women don’t need men” led to “Women don’t need anyone because we are self-sufficient” and ultimately led to “If women don’t need anyone, we certainly don’t need God.”

Feminism is and always was Evil.

If the church hadn’t capitulated to feminism, it wouldn’t have opened the door to the wave-on-wave-on-wave of endless attacks on the biblical family that has left us where we are today: dying in the dregs of a society who hates God, biblical femininity, the family, and any and all that is good, holy, or traditional.

So here we are, sisters. Liberalized women and those who blindly followed them and believed their lies, fought against the patriarchy and supposedly won. Consequently, we have the “right” to work any job, fill any position, and do any and everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Women lead in our homes, our churches, and in society. Men are weak, beta, and feminized. Every time we make demands, men yield. And we win.

Or do we?

What have we won, sisters? What have we possibly gained? Look around us. Look where we were just a few decades back and compare it to where we are now.

Women are miserable. We’re on anti-depressants, drinking to excess, and our families are unhappy. Men are weak. Churches are floundering. Birth rates are tiny. Abortion rates are astronomical.

Many couples live together without the benefit of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is rampant. The divorce rate is high. Homosexuality and every other kind of perversion is on the rise. True masculinity is seen as toxic whereas embracing true femininity gets a woman branded a sell-out.

And the insanity marches on.

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