Homeschool resources

Teach diligently: homeschool resources

Top books for middle and highschool

Teaching resources

Teach diligently

Blogs and websites for women

The Joyful Patriarchy Wife

The End Time

The Quiet Life

Rebecca Writes

Beautiful Womanhood

Abandoned to Christ

Women Need Theology, Too

Family Matters (website; scroll down for links to sound articles on the family)

Confidently Called Homemakers (homemaking helps)

The Make-Do Cottage

The Gospel Adorned

Calico & Twine

With love, Jillian

Naomi’s Table

Podcasts (for women)

Fruitful & Fearless by Lexy Sauve and Jordan Sparks


Femina by Nancy Wilson

Feminine Fidelity

The Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen

Thankful homemaker


What Have You

Apta Sophia


Blogs and websites (General and Theology)

Pastor Gabe

It’s Good to be a Man

Answers in Genesis

Conversations that Matter

Just Thinking Ministries

Scott LaPierre

Bible Gateway 

Calvin’s commentaries

Puritan Library


Grace Gems

The Spurgeon Archive

Justin Peters Ministries

Truth for Life

Grace to You

Reformed Baptist Doctrine

One Passion (Steve Lawson)

Reformed on the Web

The Reformed Reader

HeartCry (Paul Washer)

Living Waters (Ray Comfort)

Evangelical Dark Web

Daniel’s Place – (Reformata et semper reformanda)

Coffee Swirls

The Tulip Driven Life

Blog & Mablog

The Daily Genevan

For Christ’s Crown & Covenant

Banner of Truth


Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)


Christian Culture

Ezra Institute

Slow To Write

Postmillennial Worldview

Having Two Legs | The Blog of Toby J. Sumpter

Reformed Operator

Knowing Scripture

Podcasts (General and Theology)

It’s Good to be a Man

WWUTT – Gabriel Hughes

The Theology Pugcast

Striving for Eternity

Reflecting on His Word

5 Minutes in Church History

Grace to You Podcast

The Jerusalem Chamber

Walking Worthy (Dustin Benge)

Renewing your mind with R.C. Sproul


Apologia Studios Bahnsen U

Canon Press Podcasts

Hard Men Podcast

AD Robles

Conversations That Matter – Jon Harris

The Dividing Line – Dr. James White

The Plodcast

Blog & Mablog Podcast – Douglas Wilson

Alpha and Omega Ministries – James White

The Sword & The Trowel – Founders

SOCIETY OF REFORMED PODCASTERS (Doctrinally sound podcasts from a reformed perspective)

Truth Be Known – Nathaniel Jolly & Ekkie Tepsupornchai

Christ & Capital – Jeremy Collins

Theonomoney – Jeremy Collins

G3 Podcasts

Soli Deo Gloria!