Family update and prayer request

Our Lord is so worthy of our praise no matter what our circumstances, no matter how hard our lives. We–including me–must remember that our trials are one of God’s means of grace in our lives. If this could be your prayer for me–that I might remember this, I would be deeply appreciative. Soli Deo Gloria!

Women’s suffrage, feminism, and the destruction of the family

The sin of women’s suffrage Women’s suffrage was hoisted on the unsuspecting public a little over a hundred years ago. Lacking a firm foundation as to the truth of God’s Word and unable to foresee the dangers that lay ahead, the gullible public were easy swayed by what was promoted as right and fair. When …

The reality of the devastation of financial abuse

Starting over after financial abuse is hard. When you start with nothing, as we did, it’s a long hard road to stability. When you have a well bucket that’s been left out in the sun so that it’s bone dry, it takes a lot of water to saturate the bucket so you can actually fill it. This has been true for us.

Blessings, if we’ll see them

Having a family to go home to is a blessing. Someone to pray for us, a friend who loves us warts and all, a loving pet, a gift of rocks or leaves from your toddler, a beautiful sunrise, a glorious flower, a homecooked meal, the ability to make the money we need to support ourselves, a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a warm cup of tea at night–these are all blessings beyond compare. Even difficulties can be blessings in disguise if they cause us to lean on the Lord more.

Are you about to marry a child of the devil?

Marriage is a reflection of Christ and the church. A marriage made up of two of God’s redeemed is as near to heaven on earth as it is possible to come. A marriage made up of one of God’s children and a child of the devil is a pain nearly unequaled in its intensity.

Deceitful hearts and our duties as women

Both men and women ought to put the pursuit of, and preparation for, family above the pursuit of worldly success. While men must plan to be able to provide for a family, they should never put such a pursuit above their purpose as a husband and father. To do so ensures failure in their God-given duties. Just as this is true, it is also true that women must put the pursuit of the preparation to be a wife and a mother ahead of worldly goals and desires.

How does a godly wife serve her husband?

God created women to be a helpmeet, that is a helper suitable to her husband. A helper comes alongside the one he is helping. A helper serves, he does whatever he can to make things work smoothly, to carry out the plans of the one he is serving. This is true for wives, also. Since she is her husband’s helper, she must help him carry out his plans and serve him.