The dangers of feminism, Titus 2 womanhood

Are you captive to feminist thought without knowing it?

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If you were captive to feminist thought, would you know it? Probably not, because for over a hundred years we’ve been bombarded with feminism’s lies to the point that what was once well outside the camp has now taken over the camp. This is true in our homes, churches, and in society. Even while believing we are fighting against feminism, we’re blind to the damage it’s already wrought and we fail to see we’re a’sail in a sea of poison and it’s swamped our boats and we’re going under.

We have widely capitulated to feminism. Our pastors either teach it or fail to stand up against it. Our churches (often unknowingly) embrace feminist thought. Our Christian writers kowtow to it. Our families are hotbeds of it.

Feminism has successfully caused the redefinition of marriage, family, womanhood, manhood, and so much more. We’ve allowed this because we’ve forgotten the importance of defining words according to Scriptural truth. Oh, we might think we understand this; no true Christian is going to willingly define anything in a way that dishonors our Lord. The problem is the poison of feminist thought has so affected everything that what we believe is the pure undefiled teaching of God’s Word has so often been redefined and filtered through the lens of feminism. So our words and definitions are, too.

We have to remember that feminists hate truth. Feminists hate men. They hate God, women, normalcy, babies, and tradition. They hate any and everything that isn’t an abomination and even that, they are constantly seeking to constantly push farther and farther into darkness. We’ve aided and abetted them in this sin. We’ve so soaked ourselves in feminist thought that we’re blind to the lies. We’ve believed the lie that the first wave of feminism was good and necessary for so long that we unfailingly accept that there must be some good in feminism as a whole that we’ve redefined sin.

Yes, I mean you. And me. My mother and yours and so many others. We listened to the lies, believed the lies, and passed on the lies. And it’s time for it to stop.

We must repent of believing feminists lies. The only way to do this is to define truth according to the Truth Giver and His Word.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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