Are you captive to feminist thought without knowing it?

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If you were captive to feminist thought, would you know it? Probably not, because for over a hundred years we’ve been bombarded with feminism’s lies to the point that what was once well outside the camp has now taken over the camp. This is true in our homes, churches, and in society. Even while believing we are fighting against feminism, we’re blind to the damage it’s already wrought and we fail to see we’re a’sail in a sea of poison and it’s swamped our boats and we’re going under.

We have widely capitulated to feminism. Our pastors either teach it or fail to stand up against it. Our churches (often unknowingly) embrace feminist thought. Our Christian writers kowtow to it. Our families are hotbeds of it.

Feminism has successfully caused the redefinition of marriage, family, womanhood, manhood, and so much more. We’ve allowed this because we’ve forgotten the importance of defining words according to Scriptural truth. Oh, we might think we understand this; no true Christian is going to willingly define anything in a way that dishonors our Lord. The problem is the poison of feminist thought has so affected everything that what we believe is the pure undefiled teaching of God’s Word has so often been redefined and filtered through the lens of feminism. So our words and definitions are, too.

We have to remember that feminists hate truth. Feminists hate men. They hate God, women, normalcy, babies, and tradition. They hate any and everything that isn’t an abomination and even that, they are constantly seeking to constantly push farther and farther into darkness. We’ve aided and abetted them in this sin. We’ve so soaked ourselves in feminist thought that we’re blind to the lies. We’ve believed the lie that the first wave of feminism was good and necessary for so long that we unfailingly accept that there must be some good in feminism as a whole that we’ve redefined sin.

Yes, I mean you. And me. My mother and yours and so many others. We listened to the lies, believed the lies, and passed on the lies. And it’s time for it to stop.

We must repent of believing feminists lies. The only way to do this is to define truth according to the Truth Giver and His Word.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Hi my friend I remember Billy telling me and my family how he almost wanted to quit because he said if we don’t tithe we are robbing God. You know that passage in the Old Testament. People at the church got upset and rightly so. Do you think God’s blinded my family until He sees fit if it’s His Sovereign will to save them I only went cause I thought it was Reformed SBC=Reformed and mom had met Billy at some event its not my fault is it? I had just become a Calvinst should I have stayed at Calvary Chapel. I love my brother ps and sisters in Christ but I don’t get them saying go Christmas Eve or go for your family sake I can’t do that do we as Reformed even care what churches teach anymore? It’s like saying to a new born again Christian go back to Catholic Church they can’t if they are former Catholics.

    1. Anna says:

      No, my dear brother, it’s not your fault. You keep praying. The Lord has His purposes. We don’t always understand but we don’t have to. We have to trust Him. Yes, we have to care what Scripture teaches and what is being taught in our churches. I’m still praying for your family. Sorry for the delay in answering. The comments got buried and disappeared. I found new ones today. SDG

      1. Ok.I agree. That’s fine you are busy. Once again my folks watched their “pastor” something about family. Mom said church was good they watched on TV that’s not church only reason I do it because I can’t get there

        My family has no clue their there “pastor” shouldn’t be preaching they don’t read the Word.

        and yet they have said they are Protestant. They don’t correct my sibling when he takes God’s name in vain they don’t say that’s blasphemy and a sin

        As far as I heard yesterday there was no conversation that I know of from what they watched from their “pastor” it was watch that and back to talking about other things. My mom say we watched church I think I said I don’t care I don’t want to know or something like that. Is it just me or do they brag whenever they watch or go to unsound church it’s like we went to church. So was there there any talk of sin that people aren’t good repentance etc.

      2. Anna says:

        Most people are blind to false teaching because they, like your family, don’t read their Bible. God has given us what we need; most of us simply reject it. You have my prayers.

      3. Might want to edit your post I read I have one sibling

      4. ou know how our flesh gets in the way and we sin well said things I shouldn’t sibling got mad he said why can’t I be a good person I said cause I’m not he said yes I am I said not something like not according to the Bible and he said f the Bible

        I had to say I’m not a good person if I had said I was it would be a lie.

        Isn’t Romans 3 the no one is a good person passage?

        If we were good persons then we wouldn’t need a Savior we are not good persons which is why we need a Savior and yet my family don’t see that we are not good persons.

        I have more in common with my brothers and sisters in Christ than my unsaved family. I prayed for my brothers salvation.

        I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove your heart of stone[a] and give you a heart of flesh. 27 I will place my Spirit within you and cause you to follow my statutes and carefully observe my ordinances.

        I know He is sovereign over salvation my family don’t get it. This was in February

      5. Anna says:

        No one is good without Christ, brother. Our true family are those brothers and sisters in Christ. My unsaved children break my heart as your family breaks yours. But the Lord is so good and has saved us for His glory. He gives us new brothers and sisters, new family, new children in the faith. Soli Deo Gloria!

      6. Yes He did. There has been no reference all week expect for yesterday about Good Friday and then mom says she’s taking off tomorrow cause it’s Good Friday. On most Fridays she works from home

      7. don’t know how many commercials I’ve seen it’s not about a bunny
        Last I checked a bunny didn’t die for sinners. And then there’s other family talking about Easter egg hunts.

        What are we doing when children go to Easter service and then make it about the Easter bunny

      8. Anna says:

        We teach them it’s about Christ dying and rising as our triumphant Savior.

      9. I don’t think there was one mention all day about Good Friday or what Jesus did from family and tonight saw their SBC “church” during a ride and it was said or asked if there were any Good Friday services at SBC I get tired of hearing about SBC

      10. Anna says:

        I can understand your frustration. I’m praying for your family.

      11. Thank you. On Sunday my watched SBC when will it end that’s not church and I can guess my folks had no Bibles. Man was I wrong I listened to parts of Billy’s sermons thought he was solid man was I wrong how did I not see it?

      12. Anna says:

        I’m sorry. I wish things were easier for you. Can you get someone to drive you to a Reformed church?

      13. Thanks I should stop coughing first before that if my folks would be for it

      14. What is Jesus going to say to my family one day about this time in my life of not being able to go to church.

      15. Anna says:

        I don’t know, brother. Have you talked to anyone outside of your family about coming to get you and take you to church?

      16. Can’t I have a cough at the moment allergies etc

      17. Anna says:

        Yes, allergies can cause a cough.

      18. Not since I have had my cold starting to get better

      19. I think I posted Billy’s sermon last year twice on Gab I tried to get our brothers and sisters in Christ to watch it to see if I’m wrong nobody hardly if at all looked at it and I’m going guys watch this and warn others.

      20. Anna says:

        I think some in the church are complacent and don’t realize that the SBC is as far gone as it is. Others already know and are warning people. Some SBC churches are still fairly sound and others are far, far, gone–much worse than others.

      21. I agree there are those who are warning but it’s too far gone

      22. I know I’m not good especially when I sin. Ever notice how our sins before we were saved we don’t commit and then after a while they pop up

      23. Anna says:

        None of us are good, ever. Christ is always good.

      24. Yes I agree

      25. My family going to unsound SBC is vain worship. Matthew 15:8-9
        Christian Standard Bible
        8 This people[a] honors me with their lips,
        but their heart is far from me.
        9 They worship me in vain,
        teaching as doctrines human commands.”[b]

        I see John 6:44 everyday with my family. John 6:44
        Christian Standard Bible
        44 No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws[a] him, and I will raise him up on the last day.

        Please pray for their salvation.

        Yahweh I know you save whom you foreknow and call. Save my family open their eyes if it’s your sovereign will to.

      26. Anna says:

        I’m continuing to pray, brother.

      27. Thank you for praying

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