About me....in a nutshell

I ache over God’s glory and maintaining purity of doctrine; this plays out for me–as a woman, mother, writer, and speaker–in fulfilling God’s command to be an older Titus 2 woman who is able to teach that which is good so that God’s Word will not be reviled.

Hey, y’all, it’s good to meet you

Hey, sisters, my name is Anna. More formally, AnnaGrace Wood. As a blogger, podcaster, and guest speaker I focus on recovering biblical womanhood. My most important job is living out what I believe as a Mama and homemaker by fulfilling the duties God gives us as women in Titus 2. Everything else I do is in support of that. I mess up at times and I laugh a lot but I always take God’s Word completely seriously.

I love writing and speaking about biblical womanhood. Why? Because the world hates biblical womanhood and much of the church downplays it or misunderstand it. Y’all, God’s glory is at stake; His Word ties our obedience to His commands in Titus 2: 3-5 to this “that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

I don’t ever want to be guilty of blaspheming my Lord.

What I believe, stand for, and teach, and where

Biblical womanhood is and long has been, under attack. The fight against it started in the Garden of Eden and was renewed when Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote The Declaration of Sentiments out of which modern feminism grew. This is why I do what I do. My purpose is to go neither to the left nor to the right but to stand on the Word of God and uncover what the church would have believed true before feminism became the lens through which we view everything. Even in the most conservative denominations, feminism has taken its tole and corrupted teaching concerning womanhood, marriage, and family. I want to help change this.

You can see more of what I believe and what I do by checking out these pages on feminism, women’s suffrage, head covers, and biblical womanhood. My blog is that creature you always heard of, the one that keeps growing and being perpetually updated. Well, it is because I keep learning and what I learn, if I can prove it by God’s Word, I long to share it with y’all. So keep checking back for new articles and for updates on my pages. SDG

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I’m posting new episodes regularly. Here’s a few of the topics I’ve covered so far:
Choosing a wedding gown that brings glory to God
Why I wear a head covering

Look for new episodes on Mondays and Thursdays. (For now, my podcast is on hold as I figure out some technical issues.)

Guest appearances

I was recently interviewed on a podcast called Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen. If you don’t know them, sister, you ought to check them out. These ladies are wonderful, warm, loving, and they love the Lord and His ways so much. 

If you are looking for a guest for your podcast, you can contact me at thecrossisall@gmail.com.

My faith and how I live it out

I came to the Reformed faith later in life having, thanks to sound theological songs in the church, always believed in God’s sovereignty. I was raised by a single mother who, having escaped our abuser, did her best to care for me, her chronically sick child, while she herself dealt with so much. Mama supported (though not through voting) Democrats, leaned leftward in some ways while holding on to traditional mores in others, and who wanted me to be the career woman she’d had no choice but to be. She knew all the old ways and passed precious few of them along to me. I wasn’t raised with a sound biblical understanding of much but this I did know: If God said it, it was truth. Otherwise, I had a lot of sorting out of do of everything. Only God’s grace enabled me to do so.

The Lord is everything to me. I believe that the Word of God is sufficient, authoritative, inerrant, and infallible. I believe that the earth is young, in six day creation, and the universal flood; moreover, I believe that this matters and is not an area open to compromise.

I am now a Reformed Baptist who believes in the tenants of Calvinism. I am a patriarchal woman who was an abused wife. I’m a biblically separated woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage. A mother of 9 who homeschooled and, due to the lies and abuse, deals with parental estrangement with some of my children. I’m also a gardener, cook, lover of home and family who longs to serve my Lord and His women. Most of all, I simply strive to fulfill Proverbs 31 and Titus 2: 3-5 as a woman, mother, and teacher.

A little more about me and my family

Feel free to ignore this but if you want to know more about me and my family, our situation, and our plans, there’s a section at the very bottom of the page where I explain more fully. Soli Deo Gloria!

Our Etsy shop, Reformation Wares

My daughter and I run an Etsy shop, Reformation Wares, where we are purveyors of all kinds of things Reformed and Christian; we have a great line just for contented-at-home sammich makers so make sure to check us out! Here’s a couple of examples:

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Thank you sisters. Remember to do all that you do for the glory of God and please pray that I will do so, also. I’m praying for y’all.

Soli Deo Gloria!

This is that section: A little more about me and my family

Feel free to ignore this section but if you want to know more about me as a woman and mother as well as more about my family and our situation, read on.
-I’m a Southern woman, through and through. I love Southern cooking, the South itself, and my heritage.
-I was raised in the church of Christ and have been a member of Independent Baptist, conservative Anglican, Southern Baptist, Reformed Baptist, and PCA churches as well as visiting others. I am a Reformed Baptist at heart, though and long to be in one.
-I’ve moved at least 40 times in my life; probably much more since I cannot remember some moves that occurred before I was four (and there were multiple ones).
-I am a lover of tradition, considered old-fashioned and a relic.
-I love being both a woman and a lady.
-I read cookbooks like novels, love cooking, enjoy doing dishes, find comfort in housework and organization, enjoy bringing order out of chaos, and my garden is a place of refuge for me.
-I have been blessed by the Puritans and Reformers works, and I love listening to sermons and podcasts.
-I love dogs and like cats. I’ve rescued a number of animals. Animals make me happy.
-I’m one of five children and an only child. Seriously. Mama had twins 22 years before I was born, had a horrible delivery, was torn up inside, had many surgeries, her tube were cut or tied (not sure) and she was told she could never get pregnant or carry a baby even if she could. She did both. Daddy had two daughters from his first marriage who had children older than me. I was raised as an only child and never saw my sisters after I was around four. They are now deceased and were before I found any of my father’s family (a deep regret).
-I’m a mother of nine, three girls, six boys. I lost five babies to miscarriage. I loved being pregnant and every aspect of motherhood. One age of child, to me, was as special as another; just different.
-My father was an abusive drunk who was a proclaimed Christian (Assembly of God, I believe) but who failed to obey Christ. He was unfaithful to my mother and often would “go out for cigarettes” and never come home. When he would come home, he was a danger to both me and my mother. He terrified me so much that by the time I was 18 months, I was so emotionally damaged that I was, according to Mama, “blanking out and walking into walls.” I was put on phenobarbital and other “nerve medicines” as a baby/child and was on them for many years. She said I’d scream in terror even as a baby when I’d hear his car pull into the drive. He left us many times, Mama left him many times; he’d track her down, cause her to lose her job and make us come back home or, even worse, convince her that he was a changed man and wanted to be a loving father and husband. Yet, this same man would steal her car by hotwiring it, beat her, burn her, break bones, and throw me across the room. He was not a good man but I have some really great memories of him also: he taught me to love eating crushed up vanilla wafers in milk, cheesy oatmeal, and ice on salt. I remember him going outside during a rare snowstorm and coming in with a panful of snow and making us snow ice cream. I remember him making me laugh. We left him for good when I was four or five. He died a few years later from a massive heart attack.
-Mama had a long history of depression, extreme anxiety, and various other problems when I was around 10, she started changing. From that time on, I never knew which Mama I’d wake up to. I had no one but her and my dog, Toy. She often told me that I was, “evil, hated her, hated people, was a liar, was cruel, hardhearted”, and so on. Life spiraled into fear and depression. I was also the school patsy and frequently bullied and endlessly made fun of. By the time I was 11, I was so convinced that I was evil and couldn’t be redeemed that I contemplated suicide. She got worse rather than better as the years went on. I loved my mother dearly and took care of her until her death but she never could accept my love. The last time I talked to her, she told me once again how evil I was. She died when I was 37. Even with everything, I miss her–the real her–every single day.
-When I was four months old, I developed a raging fever and my father refused me medical care. By the time Mama got me to the doctor, I’d been sick for many days with this fever that never abated. He told Mama that I “would develop every allergy in the book.” I began getting sick all the time with any and everything that I was exposed to. The smallest cold would turn into bronchitis and, often, pneumonia. My lungs were damaged. Doctors put me on an endless retinue of antibiotics. My immune system was soon damaged. At age 13, I developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. At age 18, I was in a wreck. An 18-wheeler hit me at a red light because he’d been distracted and failed to see the light had changed to red. The police told me that had he not seen me in time to pull hard to the left, he’d have gone right over me and killed me. As it was, I was injured. I was left with life long health problems from it: nerve damage on my entire right side, including noticeable hearing loss in my right ear; a straight neck (as opposed to the natural curvature); permanent misalignment of the vertebrae in my neck; massive headaches and neckaches; pain, numbness and tingling in my neck, arms, and back; more. To this day, I have many problems with my health: two kinds of arthritis, multiple autoimmune issues, adult onset asthma, damaged lungs, damaged immune system, digestive issues (I cannot digest certain foods (causing multiple days of pain if I somehow eat them unawares) and others just cause nausea and discomfort), extreme and erratic sinus issues, daily pain, frequent nausea, weakness, sleeping issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, being susceptible to infections, frequent bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia, chronic anemia, inability to absorb nutrients that has led to chronically low levels of B12 and D and iron, frequent headaches and neckaches (if I get bumped at all, my muscles start spasming and tightening the headaches/neckaches come) and more. My D and iron levels are so low that I’ve been told that if they were any lower, I’d need a blood transfusion. For many reasons, not the least of which many medicines over-react on me or don’t work at all, I have both a distrust of the medical profession (I have stories of the damage done to me and my mother and others by unscrupulous doctors or meds for this interfering with meds for that or causing side effects all of which resulted in the need for more meds, etc. so, if I have to–such as with my hospitalization–I see a doctor; otherwise, I use food and supplements as medicine and this has proven most beneficial to me).
-My husband was, unbeknownst to me when we married, not the lover of Christ that he said he was. He was unfaithful and extremely abusive. However, it was through him that I was first introduced to life outside of the church of Christ which I’d been raised in. He was a member of a conservative Anglican church (though not a faithful one, not actually being a Christian). So ultimately, God used this for my good.
-My husband’s abuse continued unabated. He was also cruel in other ways: he was a porn user, he couldn’t/wouldn’t keep a job, was often fired, quit positions, moved us nearly 20 times (often to rundown or even falling down houses, houses way too small, extremely remote, etc.), kept us in debt (borrowing from family and friends–many of whom he still owes thousands of dollars to, running up credit cards, getting a second mortgage on the only house we ever owned and then not using that money wisely causing the house to be foreclosed and we lost it, he lost our van to repossession (sometimes for years, the children and I didn’t even have a way to get around only having a tiny car or truck that was old and barely running), he filed bankruptcy three times, sold everything we had that was worth selling (even my wedding rings), was often not at home (I often had no clue where he was) and when he was he wasn’t good), and more… He spent years lying to our children about me (telling them that I was crazy, hated him, abused him, didn’t care about their education or their lives, was “boring and no fun”, judgmental, and more); this led to some of my older children believing him and cutting off contact with me. Even with everything, I still love my husband. I miss being a wife. I ache for him and his soul.
-Because of everything, I’ve spent my life in poverty or near poverty. After I left my husband (things had gotten to the point that, for my children’s sakes, I had no choice), my oldest son, my youngest children, and I started our lives over. We rented a house, got an old van fixed up, got some furniture from a second hand store (and some that was given to us), and tried to build a life. I started cleaning houses, my son got a job at Lowe’s and my daughter got a job at Cracker Barrel. Another son taught himself to repair controllers and started an online business. In February 2020, I wound up in the hospital with a thyroid storm and dangerously low sodium levels. When I was in the hospital, the meds they gave me crashed my blood pressure. I couldn’t breath and they couldn’t get my blood pressure to raise. It was touch and go for a bit. They finally got me stabilized. I was released a few days later. But my health had taken a hit. I could no longer handle cleaning houses. Then Covid hit. My daughter’s job was gone overnight and we never got the governmental supplemental help even though she applied for it. She and I started our Etsy shops and she started learning to be an ESL teacher and now teaches through Preply. My son continued to work but a few months later, he was injured on the job and was out of work (on workman’s comp) for several months as they treated him. He got back to work, only to be hurt at work a year later. Last Summer, he was without income of any form for two months while they worked on getting Workman’s Comp started. Our income had suffered a blow when, in February 2021, Social Security changed their payout to us (after telling us that my younger children who received SSA through their father who is now disabled and retired would, until my youngest son turned 18, receive an amount equal to his payout, suddenly changed it and cut it by nearly $700 a month). By the time the smoke cleared, we went from being on an upward trajectory in which we were finally able to take care of ourselves to struggling to keep everything going. Our financial blow ended up being a net loss of over $1,500 a month; recently they’ve sent my son back to “light work” just a few hours a week in lieu of paying Workman’s Comp; this has resulted in another net loss of nearly $200 a month (after not paying him at all last month). All along through this, there have been months when my husband didn’t pay the SSA to the children or shorted it by quite a bit. My efforts with SS to get the children’s SSA sent directly to me have all been for naught. They refuse. As a result of everything, I’ve had to go on food stamps (something I’d hoped to never have to do again) and seek other help from time to time. My son’s surgery ought to be in June if everything works out for that and after that things are uncertain. He may or may not be able to return to work as he was but this is his second back surgery and, at present, we just don’t know since his work was more physical.
-My elders have verified my story of abuse and infidelity and concluded that, biblically, I have a right to a divorce. At present, I’m only separated. I’ve not yet been able to afford the divorce. My husband was going to file but never did. I have managed to save the money to put a down payment on a lawyer twice but due to circumstances, I had to spend the money on food and bills. I miss being a wife. When I am finally free, anything else is in God’s hands. I’m content with whatever the Lord brings.
-I’ve started my Podcast, Feminine Fidelity, to try to help women to grow in godliness, to understand what God says in His Word about womanhood, and to expose and fight the lies of feminism. That and this blog are my tools at present to do this (plus my efforts on Social Media). I was blessed to guest on a podcast once. I’ve turned down speaking engagements in the past after co-writing the book on domestic abuse with a Reformed Baptist pastor but am considering the possibility of speaking should God open up an avenue where I could speak to women about women (and never to men); one of the engagements I turned down was by a Baptist pastor (SBC) who invited me to guest in the pulpit for him on a Sunday morning. Not. Gonna. Happen. There were chances at conferences and other areas but, at the time, I couldn’t leave my children with my husband due to the abuse and negligence. I’m hoping to raise support for my efforts in addressing biblical womanhood by increasing Patreon and other support, to guest on other podcasts or blogs, and, as I said, perhaps to even guest speak (should the Lord will).
-Our present situation is iffy. Our city has become increasingly dangerous since a Democratic mayor came into office. We regularly hear gunshots. Crime, panhandlers, and other issues in the city have skyrocketed. We hear voices in the woods behind us, loud music, and even gunshots in the woods (as well as in surrounding areas). The Mall is not too far from us and several nights a week, we hear cars revving, speeding, and tearing around the parking lot with their antics. One night a woman came to our kitchen window at 2:30 a.m. and pounded on it. My youngest daughter had gotten up for a drink and saw it. Another night, someone tried to break in very late at night. Theft is very common now, where it wasn’t a problem when we move here. Folk’s cars are often broken into as are their homes. When we moved here, we vetted it with the police and were told it was a safe area. The police often do nothing when complaints are filed, though we have been successful on getting them to come out against the speeders. Our desire is to get out of Montgomery and to find a sound Reformed Baptist church or a church plant or a church being Reformed and build our lives around it. So many things–finding such a church, raising the money, securing future plans and housing, etc.–must fall into place. Please pray that the Lord will lead us as He desires, that He will provide for us and enable us to once again provide for ourselves and be a help and blessing to others and that we might glorify Him.
-My younger children (including a daughter with several health issues) have proven themselves not to be believers (please pray for them) are all planning on moving out (my husband’s family have contributed to this desire) and going to college. Unless something happens, they will be going to Auburn where one of my older sons, my husband, and my husband’s mother live and my oldest son, my middle daughter, and I (both of them are sound believers) will be leaving Montgomery together whenever the Lord allows us to. Our prayer is that my younger children (and the older ones who are not believers) are brought to faith (please pray) and that the trajectory of their lives change, that my husband and his family are brought to faith (also please pray) and that, together my children and I are able to serve the Lord but, if not, it will simply be the three of us (Tristan, Tatiana, and I). Please, please, pray for my children to develop the fear of the Lord and be brought to repentance, for my and my Christian children’s guidance.
-Lastly, my son Tristan is working towards being a Reformed Baptist pastor. He’s also effectively the head of our home. He’s started his own podcast; at present, he’s got one episode up and has recorded others and they will be up soon. He has been presented with some opportunities (including a mission trip to Nepal). Pray for guidance and for provision for him to get to the point of being able to serve the Lord when and where God calls him. Pray that God provides him with a godly wife. Pray also that God provides my daughter Tatiana with a godly husband.
-Thank you. Soli Deo Gloria!