About me....in a nutshell

I ache over God’s glory and maintaining purity of doctrine; this plays out for me–as a woman, mother, writer, and speaker–in fulfilling God’s command to be an older Titus 2 woman who is able to teach that which is good so that God’s Word will not be reviled.

Hey, y’all, it’s good to meet you

Hey, sisters, my name is Anna. More formally, AnnaGrace Wood. My focus is on bringing glory to God by recovering biblical womanhood. My most important job is living out what I believe as a Mama and homemaker by fulfilling the duties God gives us as women in Titus 2. Everything else I do is in support of that. I mess up at times and I laugh a lot but I always take God’s Word completely seriously.

Y’all, God’s glory is at stake; His Word ties our obedience to His commands in Titus 2: 3-5 to this “that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

I don’t ever want to be guilty of blaspheming my Lord.

What I believe, stand for, and teach, and where

Biblical womanhood is and long has been, under attack. The fight against it started in the Garden of Eden and was renewed when Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote The Declaration of Sentiments out of which modern feminism grew. This is why I do what I do. My purpose is to go neither to the left nor to the right but to stand on the Word of God and uncover what the church would have believed true before feminism became the lens through which we view everything. Even in the most conservative denominations, feminism has taken its tole and corrupted teaching concerning womanhood, marriage, and family. I want to help change this.

You can see more of what I believe and what I do by checking out these pages on feminism, women’s suffrage, head covers, and biblical womanhood. My blog is that creature you always heard of, the one that keeps growing and being perpetually updated. Well, it is because I keep learning and what I learn, if I can prove it by God’s Word, I long to share it with y’all. So keep checking back for new articles and for updates on my pages. SDG

Guest appearances

I was interviewed on a podcast called Weaker Vessel’s Kitchen. If you don’t know them, sister, you ought to check them out. These ladies are wonderful, warm, loving, and they love the Lord and His ways so much. 

Our Etsy shop, Reformation Wares

My daughter and I run an Etsy shop, Reformation Wares, where we are purveyors of all kinds of things Reformed and Christian; we have a great line just for contented-at-home sammich makers so make sure to check us out! Here’s a couple of examples:

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Dr. James White, yes, that one, once bought a couple of Postmil shirts from us, y’all. A shoutout there and a claim to fame moment!! LOL

Postmil Postmillennial Postmillennialism  eschatology end image 1

We offer free shipping on orders of $35 and over and we offer free customization. Y’all make sure to check us out. SDG

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Thank you sisters. Remember to do all that you do for the glory of God and please pray that I will do so, also. I’m praying for y’all.

Soli Deo Gloria!