In 2010, I came across a sermon series on domestic abuse that Reformed Baptist Pastor Jeff Crippen had just posted online. I’d woken up in the wee hours of that morning full of fear and overwhelmed by the pain in my family due to my husband’s cruelty. After listening to the sermons, I contacted Pastor Crippen to thank him for what he’d posted. Two years later, we co-wrote the book A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church.

A couple of years later, I ended our association. After being welcomed in the abuse community, which is overwhelmingly feministic and progressive, he began embracing feminist, leftist, humanistic beliefs that were not Christ-honoring. I couldn’t support that so after I wrote him a letter begging him to reconsider some of his newer stances and he refused, we parted ways.

Through his blog, Pastor Crippen publicly attacked RC Sproul and John MacArthur, among others. He attacked patriarchy (which towards the end of our association, he said he now hated) and even complementarianism (stating that for the husband to be the leader was unfair and abusive). Pastor Crippen wrote a post stating that having disavowed both of these due to his eyes being opened by his new associates, he went on to state that his marriage was now “equal” in roles and responsibility. He also wrote (in a post he later deleted) that abortion was acceptable in cases of rape and to state otherwise was to abuse women who’d already been abused by rape. And so on…. Eventually he left the blog and most if not all of his posts were deleted at his request by Barbara Roberts, who now runs the blog.

I know of other women–women who were being abused and knew me through the blog and our writing and reached out to me because of it–whom he promised to help in some way and then refused to. He did the same to me and to my children, promising us help to find a safe place and after I’d talked to my husband about it (opening us up to danger), he reneged. He was supposed to talk to me on the phone that day but left his assistant to do so while he went out motorcycling.

Pastor Crippen never paid me for my work on the book. He has publicly spread lies about me that, through those who know us both, have come back to me. He’s denied many of the teachings of Christianity. I’m not telling you this to attack him. I would invite you to pray for him. I tell you this only because I don’t want my theology to be confused with his.

Soli Deo Gloria!