A plea for help for my friends Alex and Milagros

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I have a dear friend named Alex whom I have known for over two years. His struggles are many yet he keeps striving. He acknowledges the pain but never focuses on it. He does what needs doing even when he struggles to do so.

He lives with his friend and his friend’s Mom, Milagros. When I met them, they lived in a house with no running water. They were put out of it eventually because the owner wanted the property. Since then, they’ve moved twice. Their fridge is dead. Both Alex and Milagros need medical care and surgery.

I know times are hard and I don’t know what you can do to help my friends or if you can do anything. I have a pastor friend who knows them and has done what he could but he lives far away and has only been able to be in touch from time to time.

Their needs at present include but are not limited to…
The ability to purchase a home or rent a home that is safe and secure
Alex has some problems with his eyes that need to be addressed, as well as weakness and headaches and other physical pain
Milagros needs surgery. She’s had multiple tests and they’ve shown the need for a hysterectomy among other medical treatments but she’s not been able to afford the surgery and only limited medical care otherwise
A working fridge

I don’t tie my name to something without knowing that what I am supporting is real. Alex and his friends are the sweetest, kindness, people and their need is not only real but rather desperate. They are studying God’s Word and praying, listening to sermons, learning and growing. They need our help. When I set up the GoFundMe for them, both Alex and Milagros were overwhelmed with thankfulness.

I beg you, if you can help, please…please…do so. I love Alex and I love Milagros. Please do what you can. Even $5.00 makes a difference.

Here’s Alex’s most recent update to me…
“Many things are wrong and more are getting worse as time goes by, and I try to not think about all of it to not get overwhelmed, but then something else happens and the bad cycle continues. I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling these days, I couldn’t or didn’t even take the time to message you a little more, I’m so out of everything… I’m having too many headaches, and it’s like I wanna do or participate on everything. I’m extremely grateful for all the help you’ve gave to us. I just wish I was more expressive. But I can’t feel myself lately, and I don’t know how to explain that. I wish living life wasn’t so expensive, everything involves materialism and that sucks. Wish I was smarter. I feel so stuck. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed about myself or the fact we face the struggles over and over again. I’m going to sleep right now, and it’s 8:24am, yesterday was a long long day. I hope your day goes better, Anna, you’re always on my thoughts. thank you so much for praying for us.”

And another recent update…
“She’s not feeling well, we still haven’t go to doctors again, once we figure out all the exams she needs to get done and can afford a neurologist we’re going. She barely eats now, I just hope she doesn’t get stuck in the same dark hole, but I can’t do much, I don’t have that much energy as I used to, and they can feel it. I’m overworked and stressed, a bit sick too. But still feeling like I’ve done nothing this entire time. I do want to help everybody as well, and I can’t, it’s frustrating and along the way I get burnt out.”

Below you can read the original GoFundMe profile or you can go here to read it and contribute.

“My name is Alexander Acevedo and the main reason for this GoFundMe is not only for the possibility to finally get a place to live in or a so called home, but a chance for everyone in this Venezuelan family to keep going, to survive and be healthy as this last thing is being one of the most difficult out of so many issues we’ve been going through for a while; making our lives and efforts so little, and down bad.

Milagros González is 41 years old. Milagros was for the most part of her children’s lives, a single mother. The father of her sons was an abuser and a beater, and he caused a lot of trauma throughout their lives. He didn’t do any well for them, never. He cheated on her and left them after making her life miserable and also after finding out she was having issues with her health and feeling sickness.

She carried through everything back then, because she had little kids to worry about, she loves them; she never wanted to leave them alone.

She started working part times and renting small rooms to live in with her children for so many years, it was hard sometimes to get food, or pay all the bills, causing them to get out or kicked out of so many houses they used to live in. It was only her and her kids, as she had it really hard even with her own family, as they didn’t care too much about her situation nor didn’t give her the attention or help she really needed, because back then nobody believed that the guy she was married to, was an abuser and a violent person, that made her wear turtle necks and glasses just to hide all the bruises.

Sadly, she started to feel too much pain on her back, chest, legs and abdomen overall, this was back in late 2013 and 2014, she went to the doctors for medical assistance and to check what was going on and the diagnosis was a small cyst on her breast and a fibroma in the uterus, although this last one is known for not being cancerous it caused a lot of bleedings and also low back pain. Milagros was in control, getting tests done, and taking care of the health of her family as well, the best way she could.

It was the beginning of 2015 when she was getting ready and saving money for a future surgery and intervention to treat her sickness, as she knew that it was a thing to take care of as soon as possible, before it turned into a worst case. Her kids and little girls were too young to understand what was happening and she never wanted them to worry so much either. Milagros was confident, so positive and trusting that everything was going to get better.

Tragically, some weeks before her intervention and a hysterectomy, on a cold March 2, Abraham –her son who was only 16 years old at that time; took his life hanging himself, and as of right now we don’t know what happened nor what made him do what he did, he was such an amazing person and the most caring kid a mother could of ask for. He seemed so happy and with a big smile everywhere he go, he had so many dreams and was so young, this left so many unanswered questions and sorrow. It was a tragedy.

That day, Milagros heart and life got broken and fell into pieces, fell apart.

Nothing is easy in life. The loss of a son, a kid, or a loved one is a undefined feeling, a painful feeling that could never be erased nor forgotten. His loss left everyone in tears and a huge void that no one ever could fill. His loss made everything worse; Milagros couldn’t walk by herself anymore nor think about anything else besides her son. She got hurt, that night she felt like she lost the most part of her heart and life. Nothing could be the same, no one, and every day was a darker one.

That exact same night, the owners of the house Milagros and her children were living in, kicked them out, they wanted everything out of the house in no time, to the point where they threw all of this family’s furniture and things out to the street. They didn’t care at all about what happened there, and after the body was taken by the ambulance, all the things got stolen.

Everything after that has been so tough, so difficult for everyone.

Milagros health has been getting worse over time, she’s got a pain treatment that involves many pills such as psychotropic drugs to sleep or make her brain rest. She tends to forget things several times; she gets stressed over anything that bothers her, and lost brain cells after what happened with her son. Milagros is not mentally disabled, but she can’t live without a treatment neither could be alone.

One of her daughters, Genesis, left the country almost two years ago, due to the whole situation about our country and struggles.

Kevin, the oldest son and Sinay, her youngest daughter; are still living with Milagros.

We’re all fighting and working hard to survive and never give up, but we need your help, everything is getting harder and harder every day for the homeless family we still are.

I, Alexander, been with them for over 3 and a half years, and I’ve done everything that’s in my hands to help and provide because they are my family too, I love them with my heart, and I don’t want to leave them.

It’s been a hard life, I’ve been struggling myself but this isn’t about me at all. It is for Milagros, one of the best persons I’ve ever met, a truly good Mother, and amazing friend, a really huge inspiration that even though the destiny broke her life into pieces… is fighting hard to not give up. I love her and her kids.

Please, help us.

Her health it’s been only getting worse over the years, she needs and urgent gallbladder surgery as it’s full of stones, causing her a lot of pain and disorders. The hysterectomy is on the list again, as well.

We need a house where she could rest, where we could live without so many down bad moments that are due to not having a safe roof.

We are praying so hard for this, we need your help.

All the funds will go towards getting a house and for Milagros healthcare, as well as the family as a whole. Please consider us, and thank you for giving us a chance. Anything is well appreciated.“


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