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A gift to make the heart sing

Today I received a gift that made my heart sing. An online friend, knowing just how hard things have been for my family these past several months, told me to expect a delivery before 3:00 today. Imagine my surprise and utter joy when the delivery came and it was bag after bag of groceries. This is such a tremendous blessing for my family and one I’m so thankful for.

Due to multiple financial setbacks, a month and a half ago I finally, reluctantly, made the decision to file for food stamps as I was having trouble keeping food on the table. After leaving my husband due to abuse and infidelity, I have fought for two years to move forward, pay off bills left to us by my husband, and establish a home. I’ve done so alone, except for some of my children. I’d determined never to file for food stamps but to do whatever it took to move us forward.

This year, it became far too obvious that I simply can’t survive with the way things are. We’ve had too many unexpected expenses and far too many setbacks from expensive car problems to extensive loss of income due to injuries, etc. I’m doing what I can, trying to find new ways to bring in more income as are my children.

Enter my dear friend.

This sweet lady befriended me a couple of years ago over our disagreements on head coverings. As inauspicious a start as that might have been for a friendship, a true friendship it has become.

Today, my friend’s thoughtful gift brought me to tears. On a day when I was struggling to figure out how to pay for upcoming bills, buy all the food my family needs, and pay my utilities, my friend blessed me. I was touched, not just by her kindness in sending the food but by her sweetness in including a lovely bouquet of white roses just for me. For…me. I’m simply not used to being shown tenderness. And these…such beautiful flowers…made me cry.

Thank you, Lord, in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, for this day of such beautiful and bounteous blessings.

And thank you, my dear friend. I love you dearly. SDG

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