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Modest doesn’t mean old-fashioned

Sisters, if you do any shopping at all, you know how difficult it can be in these modern times to find shops that sell modest clothing. Most shops, just like everything else, cater to the culture rather than to promoting eternal truths.

Despite the picture above, dressing modestly doesn’t mean having to dress old-fashioned. Modest doesn’t equal frumpy. It doesn’t mean you are going to look remotely Amish (something I’ve been accused of which, if you could see my girls, is funny to say the least).

Dressing to please the Lord

Dressing with modesty simply means that you are dressing with dignity, to keep from drawing undue attention to yourself. If you are a child of God, it means dressing to please Him and to bring Him glory by dressing in a way that reflects the truths taught in His Holy Word. Ladies, one day you will stand before God in judgment. He will not be asking you “Why did you dress so modestly? Why were you so very careful to not cause men to stumble?” He will be asking you, “Why didn’t you take Me serious when I commanded you to be modest? Why didn’t you care about obeying Me?”

I hope you do care. I pray you do. Anyway…

Where can modest clothing be found?

You know that if you go into the Mall or almost any clothing store, you will be hard pressed to find a good selection of modest clothing from which to choose. If we long to please God through dressing modestly, we might to turn to sewing or having clothes made for us. Some turn to thrift stores (since the clothing there is from a huge variety of shops and is sometimes older or even vintage, it’s sometimes easier to find modest clothing in these shops).

There are other options. There are many shops that sell modest clothing online. Some of these are Christian shops, some are not, but all of them offer a variety of options for dressing modestly. I don’t make anything off of recommending these shops to you. I just thought some of you might want to know about them. This list certainly isn’t extensive but it is a starting place.

If you know of another shop, or if you yourself make and sell modest clothing, or if you make clothing to order, or if you find a broken link, please let me know. Thank you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Shops that sell modest clothing

The Mainstreet Exchange

Inherit Clothing Company

Rene’s Creations

Sweet Salt Modest Fashion

Slaydon & Rose

Nee See’s Dresses


Lace & Lilac

Cleo Madison

Jessy Kate

Lily Fields Threads

Lilies of the Field



Shabby Apple

Modest Pop

Jen Clothing

Snoga Athletics

The Frock


Apostolic Company

Dainty Jewells

Be Modest Boutique

The Klassy Girl Boutique

inherit clothing company

Super cute dresses

Blair (This is not a website dedicated to selling modest clothing but it has a good amount of modest options)

JoyfullySewnDesigns on Etsy

Katie’s Mercantile

Modest Molly

The Klassy Girl Boutique

Recommended: Dress swappers group on Facebook

Recommended: My dear sister in Christ sews not only beautiful, very modest dresses, but several other items, as well! She Workers Willingly With Her Hands

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