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Answering questions about my prayer needs

I so appreciate those of you who have shown care towards me and my family, who have asked about our prayer needs, and reached out to me with encouragement. God has used you and continues to do so as a balm to my weary spirit. I do need your prayers. I’m not asking for anything …

Domestic abuse

Questions and answers concerning domestic abuse

Someone reached out to me with some questions concerning certain aspects of domestic abuse. This is not the first time I’ve had such questions from readers and others. I’ve worked with pastors who wanted to understand DV better and to understand the needs of women who have been abused. I’m not a trained DV expert. …

duties of men and women, vote

Women never needed the vote

Women never needed the vote because they were created for so much more. Putting the vote on men, and with that men who have demonstrated responsible maturity, knowledge, and behavior, that enables them to vote wisely, removes a huge burden from women.

Hard times

How can I prepare for the hard times ahead?

No matter what may happen in the near or distant future, our nation is facing some mighty hard times and we need to prepare for them. We’ve spent too long not taking God’s Word seriously. What we are seeing now is the result of such disobedience. Wisdom behooves us to prepare so that, no matter what we might face, our families are able to endure.